Underrated recruiting classes

Much has been made of the stellar recruiting classes Kentucky, Kansas and even Memphis have brought in at the top of the 2013 class rankings. But a recruiting class, lest we forget, is only on paper and the players still have to go out and prove it on the court at the college level.

Last year, UCLA and Kentucky brought in the No. 1 and No. 2 recruiting classes, respectively, and neither won a postseason game. Michigan, meanwhile, made the NCAA title game with considerable help from a strong freshman class that outperformed its No. 14 class ranking.

So who could be this year's Michigan? To answer that question, we've gathered our RecruitingNation basketball experts to weigh in on which 2013 recruiting class they think will most outperform its class ranking at the college level.

Which 2013 recruiting class will most outperform its class ranking next season?