Urban recruits popular draft picks

ESPN's RecruitingNation reviewed the past five NFL drafts, including 2013, and charted which high schools have produced players selected in the top 150 picks. It was no shock to find Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta and Dallas high schools are the kings of sending players to the NFL.

But there were some surprises.

There's no question that in college football and recruiting, the Southeast rules. Seven straight national championships from SEC schools and five of the past eight No. 1 recruiting classes have proven that point clearly, but talent from high schools in the Northeast is popular with NFL general managers.

Baltimore/Washington, D.C.

Once you get past Los Angeles (50 high schools represented), Miami (32), Atlanta (27) and Dallas (25) in the top four, you find the Baltimore/Washington, D.C., metro area fifth, with 23 high schools represented. Even if you were to separate the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia), the District of Columbia alone would rank ninth overall.