Lane Kiffin calls on Katy Perry to return to Ole Miss, promises corn dogs

Fear not, Ole Miss Rebels faithful: Katy Perry is still riding with you.

More specifically, the pop star, whose iconic (and outlandish) College GameDay appearance still remains ingrained in the minds of college football fans -- and anyone who dares to eat a corn dog -- seven years later, is hopping aboard the Lane Train.

That's not rat poison, that's just facts.

Fresh off Ole Miss' 43-24 trouncing of Louisville on Monday night, Kiffin posted a video to implore Rebels fans to show up to support his team at their home-opener against the Austin Peay Governors on Saturday. The coach, who had to watch Ole Miss advance to 1-0 from afar after testing positive for COVID-19, capped his enthusiastic plea by calling upon the "Teenage Dream" singer to bring her talents back to "The 'Sip."

On Thursday, Perry answered the call, adding a plea of her own and proving that Trevor Knight is so seven years ago.

Considering how QB Matt Corral showed out in Week 1 with stellar passing (22-of-32, 381 yards, TD) and calculated running (12 rushes, 55 yards, TD), it's tough to blame her.

The intrepid Kiffin was clearly pleased by the response from the "California Gurl," adding an emoji-laced reply of his own.

Lane Kiffin, corn dogs and a Heisman hopeful QB hailing from California? If there were ever a time for Katy Perry to make her triumphant return to The Grove it kinda, sorta feels like this is it.