Player of the Match
Player of the Match
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Wyatt's 56-ball century wipes out Australia

Danielle Wyatt recorded the first-ever century by an England batsman in women's T20Is to set up a record chase in the final T20I, a result that had no bearing on Australia's hold on the Ashes

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Scorer: Chandan Duorah | Commentator: Shashank Kishore

19 | 14 Runs 2 Wkts | ENG-W: 181/6 | RR: 9.52

  • Fran Wilson5 (3b)
  • Jenny Gunn0 (0b)
  • Delissa Kimmince3-0-30-2
  • Ellyse Perry2-0-11-0

Time for the presentation

Rachael Haynes is presented the Women's Ashes trophy by former Australia women captain Belinda Clark. Her mates join in, all of them pose for photographs. Muted celebration, but after the momentary disappointment, they'd look back on a memorable summer and a series well fought and won really well. Over to the Women's Big Bash. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Until next time, it's goodbye from me Shashank Kishore. Cheers.

Heather Knight, the England captain, is the Player of the series. "Surprised a little. Didn't start the T20 series well, but to finish off like that, playing second-fiddle to Danny was brilliant. Beth Mooney was outstanding, to finish on the losing side is tough. It shouldn't have been that away. To come away and finish like that, we should be proud. I've enjoyed it, leading from the front is important. Made changes to my technique after the World Cup to keep improving, I won't be a good captain without my team. It's been a roller coaster. To turn it around the way we did after losing the first two ODIs, we showed a lot of character. The girls kept coming back, that's what I can ask for."

Rachael Haynes: Beth Mooney was outstanding, it was incredible for her to come out and what she did. She didn't play in the ODIs, but this was just fantastic. In many ways, similar to what Danny Wyatt did. I thought this was within our grasp to win. At the mid-innings, we knew it was only half the match done. Catches win matches, but we put a few down today. One of the features of Wyatt's game is she's been hitting it everywhere. We've seen her at the WBBL, to do it at the international level is outstanding. It's a huge privilege to be asked to captain the country, have been well-supported by the team. We've had a couple of hiccups, but there have been plenty of positives as a group. Irrespective of what happens today, some exciting times."

Danny Wyatt's the Player of the Match for her scintillating century. She still has her pads on as she receives the award. "Two fielders out, so yeah, made the most of it," she says, of batting in the Powerplay. "I was ready to go in that first T20I, because I was sitting out for the first five weeks (laughs). I haven't been sweeping, just playing to my strengths. It's surreal. I still can't believe what's just happened."

This is the fifth T20I series in a row that Australia have lost at home. Some consolation for England at the end of a long, hard series. Unlike the men's game where barbs and words are flying thick and fast, this series has been played in good spirit. Beth Mooney, who played one of the best T20 knocks, looks distraught. There are only six T20I centuries in women's cricket, two of those in the last three hours. What an evening of entertainment for those who paid money to watch this.

While Wyatt walks away with the plaudits, and rightly so, no words of praise is enough for the way Heather Knight anchored this chase and held her own, rotating the strike and cashing in on the opportunities. Dream finish, dream chase. The 50-over World Champions will be a lot more relaxed than they would've been a week ago, as they embark on the journey home. The celebrations haven't been robust, and understandable because England have lost the series, but the smiles in the England camp tells you how important it was for them to level this series. As for Australia., surely mixed emotions at the presentation. Do they celebrate the Ashes or rue a failed defence of what seemed a massive target?

Kimmince to Wilson, FOUR, scooped over Alyssa Healy, and this races over to the boundary. Brave, bold. Call it whatever, but England deserve all the luck. The Ashes series has been tied at 8-8 but Australia have retained the crown. Australia are shell shocked, they shelled four catches and have duly paid the price. The heroine of the night: Danny Wyatt. What a magnificent chase this has been. The highest successful chase in Women's T20Is.
Kimmince to Brunt, OUT, lofted inside-out but can only hit it as far as Perry at mid-off. This has no timing on it whatsoever. Looked to hit it a lot squarer but was cramped for room and managed to spoon a simple catch.

KH Brunt c Perry b Kimmince 5 (4b 1x4 0x6) SR: 125.00

Kimmince to Brunt, FOUR, this is a thick outside edge that races into the gap between backward point and short third man. England need just to. She backed away and threw her bat at that, on another day this could've lobbed straight to one of those two fielders.
Kimmince to Wilson, 1 run, skier but lands between the keeper running back, point and third man coming in. Nervous swipe
Kimmince to Wilson, no run, squeezes this full-length delivery back to the bowler.
Kimmince to Wilson, 1 wide, full and sliding down leg, swing and a miss. Easy call for the umpire
  • Twin tons: A first in women's T20Is

    England's Danielle Wyatt and Australia's Beth Mooney smashed a number of records during the course of breathtaking centuries in the Women's Ashes finale

  • Wyatt's 56-ball century wipes out Australia

    Danielle Wyatt recorded the first-ever century by an England batsman in women's T20Is to set up a record chase in the final T20I, a result that had no bearing on Australia's hold on the Ashes

  • England seek edge in Twenty20 future

    With the Ashes lost, England would look to secure the T20I series to extend Australia's losing streak in T20 bilateral series, already stretching back to mid-2015

England (W) 2nd innings Partnerships

1st3DN WyattTT Beaumont
2nd13SJ TaylorDN Wyatt
3rd14DN WyattNR Sciver
4th139DN WyattHC Knight
5th2KH BruntDN Wyatt
6th6KH BruntFC Wilson
7th4JL GunnFC Wilson