Player of the Match
Player of the Match

12.13am Did that result surprise anyone? You bat first against the world champions, put up an underwhelming total, then rain intervenes and shortens what already should have been a cruise. They got a couple of early wickets, but that's not going to deter a top team filled with the world's most destructive batsmen. End result: total chased down, hardly broke a sweat.

"We lost the ODI series, but we wanted to put some pride into this game and come back and win... overall a good win," says Andre Russell. "It's been a while since I played a nightwatchman role (laughs). It's more responsibility and that's good. I've always wanted to open the innings in T20. It's now a challenge to face the new ball. A bit worried about fitness.. still not a 100 percent, but I'm good enough to play.. probably 95 percent. Bangladesh are good, we're not going to underestimate them. We just want to take it game by game and finish the series off in Florida."

Time for presentations.

"I think we lost early wickets and wickets at crucial times. Mushfiq and (Mahmudullah) Riyad had a good partnership, and then Mushfiq lost his wicket," says Shakib Al Hasan. "We lost five wickets in a ten-over period, and in a T20 game it gets difficult for any team to lose five wickets that early and come back. They've got some quality T20 batsmen and you have to be at your best to challenge them. We have two more games, at a different venue, and we have a lot more positives to take from today than negatives."

Andre Russell is Man of the Match for his blistering knock.

"We spoke about it (opening with Nurse)," says West Indies captain Carlos Brathwaite. "Thankfully it worked and he did a job for his team, giving us a start. It's important for each and everyone to express themselves.. play your shots and be free. Obviously it's important to remain calculated. If you've made a mistake, we can have a chat and improve. But it's about doing it your way. Sometimes it's just about being satisfied than improving, and what was especially delightful was the fielding. So probably not change or improve, but just replicate that fielding performance and that energy."

That's a wrap of this game. It's also the end of the West Indies leg of Bangladesh's tour. They now head to Florida for the last two games of the series. The world champions go 1-0 up in style. Can Bangladesh bounce back? Join us then to find out.

Shakib Al Hasan to Powell, SIX, well, they only know one way to play, and they'll do it their way. There's that big hit to seal things. Another tossed up delivery slogged from outside off wide of long-on

9 | 1 Run | WI: 87/3 (5 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 9.66, RRR: 2.50)

  • Andre Russell35 (21b)
  • Rovman Powell9 (8b)
  • Rubel Hossain2-0-13-1
  • Nazmul Islam2-0-24-0
Rubel Hossain to Russell, no run, slower full one, another wild swing and a miss. An over full of it. Four required
Rubel Hossain to Russell, no run, short one, tries to ramp it over and makes no contact
Rubel Hossain to Powell, 1 run, slaps a short one in the direction of mid-on with no timing whatsoever.. drops short of him as he runs forward. That's enough time to give them one. Don't understand this needless swinging at everything
Rubel Hossain to Powell, no run, slower length ball outside off, again zero foot movement as he swings and misses wildly
Rubel Hossain to Powell, no run, good wide delivery, toeing the line but inside it to have him swinging and missing
Rubel Hossain to Powell, no run, succeeds for one delivery. Length outside off, nips in late to beat him as he reaches out for a late cut

Just five needed.. will they finish it off first ball? Rubel to try and stop that from happening.

West Indies 2nd innings Partnerships

1st10ADS FletcherE Lewis
2nd0ADS FletcherAD Russell
3rd42MN SamuelsAD Russell
4th41AD RussellR Powell