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Player of the Match

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Commentator: Saurabh Somani

4.55PM That's it from Deiva and me for this match. Do join us for the next game on Monday.

4.50PM Zondo: It was nice just to get to the end and see what happens. Thinking now that I probably shouldn't have taken the two and had a nice hit from the other side with the shorter boundary. In the position that we were in, to get to here, we just needed one other big partnership. It was a good wicket to bat on, and the field was quick as well. The ball flies here. We've got a few first-timers here but they've done pretty well in the four-dayers and now. We're going to have to keep playing good cricket and improving.

Travis Head is the Man of the Match and the winning captain. Hit 110 and took 2 for 25. "It's nice to have a contribution to the win. fantastic result after the other day (loss against India A). We just continued to back our plans. You can't always have a great day, but it was nice to come back from that. It was nice to get a hundred, I've wasted a few opportunities in the past couple of months. Nice to come out and execute well today."

4.45PM Zondo played an outstanding knock, but the eventual margin of 32 runs is perhaps a tad flattering. They were out of the contest long ago. The capitulation in the middle overs to the spinners will need to be addressed, and fast. Given the senior side's troubles against Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal in February, and then against Sri Lanka away, there might be a deeper problem to address.

South Africa A now have no chance of reaching the final of this quadrangular series. They will take on India A in their final match, while Australia will take on India B - both matches taking place on Monday.

Paris to Zondo, 1 run, OUT, Zondo has been run out, trying to farm the strike. He moved away but Paris followed him from around the wicket, and Zondo could only turn it to square leg. He egged Hendricks on for a second, but it was never on.

K Zondo run out 117 (139m 104b 4x4 7x6) SR: 112.50

Paris to Hendricks, 1 run, high full toss and Hendricks plays it with straight bat, down to long-on
Paris to Zondo, 1 run, didn't pick the length perhaps and was coming forward, so could only nudge it onto the offside for a single
Paris to Hendricks, 1 run, lovely looking drive from Hendricks who strokes it through the covers while down on one knee. Importantly, he brings Zondo back on strike

48 | 15 Runs 1 Wkt | SA-A: 286/9 (37 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 5.95, RRR: 18.50)

  • Khaya Zondo115 (102b)
  • Beuran Hendricks0 (0b)
  • Jack Wildermuth3-0-32-1
  • Joel Paris7-0-39-1
Wildermuth to Zondo, 2 runs, Zondo standing deep inside his crease, takes an almighty swing at a wide ball and toe-ends it into no-man's land straight. They run two, which means he won't be on strike
Wildermuth to Zondo, SIX, in the slot and effortlessly picked up for a six over square-leg. It's Zondo's sixth six of the innings. Too late perhaps, but it's been a fine innings

SA A 2nd innings Partnerships

1st89SJ ErweeGL Cloete
2nd9RS SecondGL Cloete
3rd20K ZondoRS Second
4th22F BehardienK Zondo
5th3K ZondoS Muthusamy
6th12K ZondoD Pretorius
7th12K ZondoS von Berg
8th82R FrylinckK Zondo
9th29K ZondoSSB Magala
10th12K ZondoBE Hendricks