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Player of the Match

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1356dAndrew Fidel Fernando in Wellington

The frustrations of being Kane Williamson

The man and his team are among the best current operators, but on the world scale they occupy minimal column inches, airtime, or general intellectual space. They quietly absorb life's little injustices

Day 1

1356dAndrew Fidel Fernando in Wellington

The enigma of Niroshan Dickwella

There may be times when Dickwella's flame burns a little too hot, and his own team are singed, but on day one of a tough overseas tour, he kept the darkness at bay for Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka 3rd innings Partnerships

1st5FDM KarunaratneMD Gunathilaka
2nd5FDM KarunaratneDM de Silva
3rd3FDM KarunaratneBKG Mendis
4th274AD MathewsBKG Mendis