Player of the Match
Player of the Match

5:48pm Whew. That's all we have from today. What a superb, superb Test match. We had a great time covering it and we hope you enjoyed our coverage. On behalf of Alex Malcolm and Thilak, this is goodbye from me!

Sarfraz Ahmed: We hoped to roll them out but we have to give credit to Khawaja. We had an idea that he would understand out tactics but it wasn't easy to bat and despite that he soldiered on, we must give him credit. We need to work hard - in Tests you learn as much as you play. Haris decision was quite close, but this happens. We have little things to work on. We should praise Abbas a lot. The way he bowled on this pitch after returning from County cricket was tremendous. The batsmen who got their opportunities also took them. that's a positive. We could have won this but Tests are like this. We're sad, but the opposition also played well and we need to acknowledge that.

Tim Paine: It was extremely tough Test match. Pakistan played very well and had us under the pump for three days. Proud of our comeback. Everyone had a plan. Usman was more defensive than usual. There was a bit of a collapse but the guys have been working hard over the last few months and I'm happy everything's gone to plan. I was nervous [in the last 45 minutes]. I think that's how it happens here. If batsmen get in, it's easy. Really proud of the way out tail stuck at it. No it doesn't feel like a win. We were outplayed. Proud to get something out of it, but we can play a lot better in the next Test.

Usman Khawaja: [The plan was to] Just bat. Wasn't thinking too much. It was decent but it was getting tougher and tougher. We thought that if we batted two sessions we'd be in good stead. Very happy and thankful we got away with the draw there. Every time you get a hundred for Australia it's amazing. Doesn't matter if it's here or at home. Just thankful. As a left hander you always have rough to deal with so you need a plan (about reverse sweeping against Yasir).

Usman Khawaja is the Man of the Match

Baskar: "Tim Paine is my latest inspiration. He's led a broken Aus team to a huge draw today. He came in here with a plethora of questions on him, and he's started his answers in style."

Ryan M: "Lyon batting 10/11 makes sense when Australia are on top, but he should definitely bat 8 whenever endurance is the name of the game."

Dhaval S: "This gritty batting display ignites excitement about the upcoming India's tour of Australia down under which was undermined by the absence of key players like Smith, Warner and Hazlewood. It is going to be a revelling contest."

Greg: "Very proud Aussie supporter... Stuck with them the whole match and always believed they could do it... Could be a turning point for Khawaja and Paine as a captain. Langer's influence already showing"

Darryl: "Following this in Perth WA. So great to have something to cheer about. Well done Paine and Khawaja"

Mukesh Bhat: "Can we unanimously say this is test match of the year?"

Awais: "I almost lost all my nails. What a finish.. "

Omar: "In tense situations like these, this is where the home crowd advantage helps and builds the pressure on the away team. Sadly, Pakistan doesn't have that with empty stands in its home away from home."

Leon Schneider: "Monumental effort from the Aussies. Surely Nathan Lyon should be batting at number 8. Forget scoring ability - his batting technique is far superior than any of the other bowlers in the Aus team!"

Jai Srivastava: "For me Usman Khwaja should be MOTM.He s scored 226 off 477 balls."

navin: "When your openers score more than 150 combined in both the innings, you cannot afford to lose the match, but the failure of the middle order would have cost them the match, Well played Aussies, hope to see a much improved performance from the Pak bowlers in the next match. Good to see a draw which has become a rarity nowadays in the Test cricket."

Varahan: "Huge credit for Lyon for his stay."

5:25pm, Stumps, Day 5 Handshakes. Australia play their longest fourth innings in Asia to earn a superb draw. Sensational from this new-look team, with a fresh captain who will have won many, many sceptics over with this effort. A 194-ball effort to see his team through to the end. It was set up brilliantly by another man who had some proving to do - Usman Khawaja with his maiden century in Asia, the longest fourth-innings knock ever in the UAE. 75 minutes ago, Australia has five wickets in hand before they ran into Yasir Shah, who lives for the final 75 minutes. He nearly produced one of his magic spells again, but Australia have held on. Nathan Lyon and Travis Head playing extraordinary supporting acts too. After going 280 behind, this will feel unbelievably good for the visitors. But what of Pakistan? They had their chances, they'd set up for a much bigger score in the first innings than they ended up with, and the bowling this morning was markedly sipid. This will hurt them. Probably more than when they collapse to losses against Sri Lanka last year. Bilal Asif took six in the first innings, got none in the second. Wahab bowled only 16 overs. Abbas was exceptional once again, but it wasn't to be. Yet again, the final session in the UAE has screamed out at those who asked what the hell was happening to Test cricket with a largely dormant pitch.

Yasir Shah to Paine, no run, he's played it out! Tim Paine, captain of Australia. What a way to return to Tests after the South Africa debacle. Length ball on off stump and Paine blocks his 163rd dot ball to seal the draw

One ball and Australia have this

Yasir Shah to Paine, no run, outside edge falls short of second slip. Length on off stump, pushed through flat. He goes deep in the crease and offers soft hands
Yasir Shah to Paine, no run, length on off stump, blocked on the front foot
Yasir Shah to Paine, 2 runs, drives through mid-off like Yasir wants him to try, but he gets it off the middle. It's full and he's in control of the shot. No fielder there

A gully joins the two slips now. No mid-off

Yasir Shah to Paine, 2 runs, they decide to run! Luckily for them there's a two there. Whew. Length ball outside off, jabs at it outside off and it tickles past gully off the outside edge

139 | 6 Runs | AUS: 358/8

  • Nathan Lyon5 (34b)
  • Tim Paine57 (189b)
  • Bilal Asif37-8-87-0
  • Yasir Shah43-9-110-4

Right this should be the last over. Paine to face Yasir. Two slips, two silly points, two short legs, short cover, leg slip. Short mid-off.

Bilal Asif to Lyon, 2 runs, short of a length on leg stump, gets deep in the crease and tickles it off the inside edge towards fine leg

Replays show the first ball had no bat on it

Bilal Asif to Lyon, 4 byes, lets it go and it's down to the boundary. That's the better strategy from Lyon. Another ball pitches on leg but this time he won't get anywhere close to it
Bilal Asif to Lyon, no run, pinged off the front pad and into short leg. But there's no bat on that. A dangerous shot - attempts to flick a ball that's pitching on leg stump
Bilal Asif to Lyon, no run, tossed right up at middle stump, dead-batted down the pitch
Bilal Asif to Lyon, no run, full on off stump, blocked on the front foot
Bilal Asif to Lyon, no run, massive shout and celebrations from Pakistan, but the umpire says not out. That was a length ball lifting up at the thigh. He poked at it and it seemed to be two sounds before short leg took reviews left. But replays confirm it was not out.

138 | (maiden) | AUS: 352/8

  • Tim Paine57 (189b)
  • Nathan Lyon3 (28b)
  • Yasir Shah43-9-110-4
  • Bilal Asif36-8-85-0

Nathan Lyon setting up for the biggest over he's probably ever had to face. Bilal Asif - can he add more sheen to his debut?

Yasir Shah to Paine, no run, length ball pushed through at off stump, defended off the back foot
Yasir Shah to Paine, no run, big legbreak rips past the outside edge. Oh dear that was so so close. What a ball. Overspinner on middle stump, drawing him right forward and getting it well outside off. Probably did too much
Yasir Shah to Paine, no run, length ball pitching outside leg, gets forward and offers the pad to tick off another one
Yasir Shah to Paine, no run, length and wide outside off, left alone
Yasir Shah to Paine, no run, close! Inside edge as this skids on from a length. Paine caught right in front of the stumps on the back foot
Yasir Shah to Paine, no run, short of a length just outside off, tapped into the off side off the back foot

Australia 4th innings Partnerships

1st87AJ FinchUT Khawaja
2nd0SE MarshUT Khawaja
3rd0UT KhawajaMR Marsh
4th132UT KhawajaTM Head
5th33UT KhawajaM Labuschagne
6th79TD PaineUT Khawaja
7th2TD PaineMA Starc
8th0TD PainePM Siddle
9th29TD PaineNM Lyon