9.05pm So that's the end of that. South Africa have won a series at last, and in some style too. There's time left in this tour to make it a clean sweep of the ODIs. Join us at Potch on Saturday to find out, but from myself and Valkerie, and Firdose at Bloem, good night!

And finally, here's Quinton de Kock. "Never good from a chasing point of view to lose an early wicket but Jan and JJ set up a good base. Australia came out with intent and playerd really well but we fought back after the Powerplay. Without the likes of KG, it's great to see Lungi putting his hand up. Coming into this series we had to give the youngsters a chance, and they came out and showed it. We don't want to step our foot off the gas, we owe ourselves another win. And it's about time [I won a series as captain]. It feels good knowing other guys have done the work. I've hardly done anything."

The man of the match is joint between Malan and Ngidi! What a cop-out, but hard to argue with it!

Ngidi: "I'm very happy, given the challenge before the game, using a lot of cross-seam was beneficial, then at the back end trying to do the lower order for pace with some slower balls. We've worked pretty hard on our death bowling, so coming out with skills is key. I've been confident lately with some games under my belt."

Malan: "I was happy to get past the first ball, but compliments to the bowling unit, and I had great partners in the chase. There was chat about targets, 30 overs etc, but they just said they needed me to bat through. With the sun going down it skidded a bit more and it got wet in the outfield so easier to hit in the end."

8.56pm Time for some presentations.

Here's Finch: "We were 20-30 runs short with the bat, but SA played very well, changed the momentum of the game with some smart batting. The surface started to hold up a bit and we lost wickets at key times. The difference is we had two guys with 70 and they had one guy batting to the end with 130. We keep making the same mistakes, so it's about improving. A bit of a different role for D'Arcy at five, the spin overs were a challenge for him but reward for hard work. We just couldn't find that breakthrough."

Jofradamus has called it for posterity:

8.43pm Well, what a way to close out your first series win of the summer! A daunting chase of 272, under lights, and against a daunting Australia attack featuring Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins, and it's the rookie that does the job! Janneman Malan's stunning maiden hundred, coming just days after his first-baller on debut, has won the contest at a canter, and now they can head to Potchefstroom on Saturday with a 3-0 clean sweep in their sights. Kudos too to Lungi Ngidi for his superb six-for that kept the chase within manageable proportions, and Heinrich Klaasen too, whose century in the first game was followed by a crucial, forceful fifty today.

Bhargav Sura: "Golden duck in the first game. Golden century in the second. Well played Jaaneman."

Johann: "Very happy to eat my words tonight. I really do hope Miller hits top gear by the T20 WC." Thoughts and prayers with DJ and Rakesh too. Hope they found solace as they sorted their underwear drawers instead of watching a belting chase.

Starc to Miller, FOUR, full toss, inswinging, crashed to the cover boundary to seal the series!
Starc to Miller, no run, very full, drilled to mid-off ... not this time ...
Starc to Malan, 1 run, yorker, well bowled, but equally well dug out, a single to cover

48 | 13 Runs | SA: 269/4 (3 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 5.60, RRR: 1.50)

  • Janneman Malan128 (138b)
  • David Miller33 (27b)
  • Pat Cummins10-1-59-1
  • Mitchell Starc9-0-48-1

This contest is an ex-contest ... it has ceased to be ... can Malan seal it in style?

Cummins to Malan, 1 run, attempted squeeze through short third man, no way through there
Cummins to Malan, SIX, clobbered into the stands behind square! Janne the Man! High and handsome, cashing in on the short ball and giving it the kitchen sink! Bloemfontein is going stark raving bonkers!

Abinash Das: "This is what keeping wickets in hand and gradually upping the ante with consistent scoring can do. The fans were overcritical of this time tested strategy of a conservative start and keeping wickets at hand. One simply can't go bonkers right from the word go in every match."

Cummins to Malan, 2 leg byes, pulled, top-edged, safe! Clawed across the line, off the shoulder, it took off over the keeper's head but was swept up before reaching the rope
Cummins to Malan, 1 wide, bouncer, but too short! A handy freebie to loosen the tension some more
Cummins to Miller, 1 run, up on the toes, open-faced tap to third man. 13 from 15 ...
Cummins to Miller, 2 runs, back of a length again, on the legs this time, eased off the hip for two more to deep midwicket. Excellent judgment again from the veteran
Cummins to Miller, no run, back of a length, dabbed back down the track with no guile in the stroke. Have a dot and bowl me another...

47 | 13 Runs | SA: 256/4 (16 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 5.44, RRR: 5.33)

  • Janneman Malan121 (135b)
  • David Miller30 (24b)
  • Mitchell Starc9-0-48-1
  • Adam Zampa10-0-48-2

Hemanth: "This is some good ol' pacing your partnership stuff here .. loving it"

Starc to Malan, no run, full toss, another loose one, but belted to point this time. No matter, the damage for that over has been done. It's in touching distance now!
Starc to Malan, FOUR, hooping inswing from round the wicket, but that's a stunning riposte! Picking it up with stiff wrists, high over backward square, hitting with the angle from round the wicket, and South Africa's requirement is inside a run a ball

harsh: "@Andrew, I think Mukesh was being sarcastic :)" My sarcometer is finely attuned after nearly 20 years in this job. And that comment came out clean!

Starc to Malan, FOUR, battered hard through the covers! Starc is getting it wrong all over the shop, searching for the blockhole, missing it, paying the price!
Starc to Miller, 1 run, lovely inswinging yorker, but Miller is equal to it with a flip off the toes. Miss that and it's plumb!

Pratik Khanal: "Let's face it. This is Australia's best team right now. But they would love to have Maxwell and Wade. Saffas are all over the best team right now. "

Starc to Miller, no run, drilled into the off-side, no way through this time
Starc to Miller, FOUR, clipped off the pads, and more priceless runs! Starc overstrains for the magic ball, and feeds the legs

46 | 7 Runs | SA: 243/4 (29 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 5.28, RRR: 7.25)

  • Janneman Malan113 (132b)
  • David Miller25 (21b)
  • Adam Zampa10-0-48-2
  • Pat Cummins9-1-48-1

Muhammad : "If South Africa win this, will ngidi get MoM For his 6fer or Malan for his hundred?" Good question. In spite of the usual bias towards batsmen, I would lean towards Malan. Chasing a record score under lights with a maiden hundred is quite something

Zampa to Malan, no run, cracked hard into the covers again, Malan is letting his confidence flow through him at the moment. It might give Australia a sniff, but it could also seal this contest with overs to spare...
Zampa to Malan, no run, on the back foot, flicked to the leg side
Zampa to Malan, no run, pushed back down the pitch as Zampa rips his leggie
Zampa to Malan, FOUR, flashed with violence through the covers! Wow, that's confidence! Hitting with the spin, through the man at extra cover, got under the shot to elude the fielder, and clean to the rope!

Mukesh Dewangan: "Miller playing a great part, Just one boundary in 19 balls, it shows a good character." Indeed. Playing the ideal role so far

Zampa to Miller, 1 run, on the pads, nudged to backward square. Another single. Australia need wickets, pure and simple
Zampa to Miller, 2 runs, leaning back, cracked hard out through point, and anotther good bit of running as the ball bissects two fielders

45 | 9 Runs | SA: 236/4 (36 runs required from 30 balls, RR: 5.24, RRR: 7.20)

  • Janneman Malan109 (128b)
  • David Miller22 (19b)
  • Pat Cummins9-1-48-1
  • Mitchell Starc8-0-35-1

Aaron: "I'm again disappointed with the bowling and the paper thin batting lineup of Australia. We can't afford to have Labuschagne in the lineup. One Steve smith is good enough. Marsh and Carey need to pick their bags. Spinners have done well. " Yeah, sack the lot of em!

Cummins to Malan, 2 runs, up on the toes, chopped out to deep cover, another two runs, this is easy pickings for South Africa
Cummins to Miller, 1 run, belted through the line, Miller rehearses the stroke as he jogs through, didn't quite nail it despite reaching the pitch well
Cummins to Malan, 1 run, nudged behind point with an open face

South Africa 2nd innings Partnerships

1st1Q de KockJN Malan
2nd91JT SmutsJN Malan
3rd11K VerreynneJN Malan
4th81H KlaasenJN Malan
5th90DA MillerJN Malan