Player of the Match
Player of the Match

21 | 11 Runs | AUS: 93/2

  • Joe Burns51 (63b)
  • Steven Smith1 (1b)
  • Umesh Yadav8-1-49-0
  • Ravichandran Ashwin6-1-16-1

6:43pm And that is all from our ball-by-ball coverage. Plenty of analysis, video and text, coming your way to dissect the day's play. On behalf of Karthik, Raghav, and Chandan, this is goodbye from me.

Virat Kohli: Very hard to put those feelings to words. We had a lead of 60-odd coming and just collapsed. When you work hard for two days and put yourself in a strong position and then an hour puts you in a position where it's literally impossible to win...I think we should have showed a little more intent today. They bowled similar kind of areas in the first inning as well but probably our mindset was to score runs. To be honest there were some good balls but the ball didn't do anything drastic. I think it was the mindset, it was very evident. It felt like the runs were so difficult to come by and the bowlers got confident. I think it was a combination of lack of intent and the bowlers hitting their areas. [On leaving] obviously you want to be committed to the team's cause, a result would have been really nice. But I'm pretty confident that the boys going forward will reflect on this and come back stronger on Boxing Day. No news on Shami, he's going for a scan now. Could hardly lift his arm. We'll get the scans now and will know more in the evening.

Tim Paine, Player of the Match: [Can you believe it?] Not really. I said this morning in the media that both these attacks have the ability to take quick wickets. Didn't expect them to come this quick. When our boys execute and there's anything in the wicket, this is what can happen. [On his knock] For the team very important to get close to that total. Obviously 5 for 79 you lose a few more and India go ahead in the test. When you're as tall as our boys and as quick as our boys, it can become very difficult so credit to our bowlers again. Absolutely rapt with the way we bowled, but our batting was below what we expect. Burnsy is a really important part of our team and all cricketers know how hard it is to go on a run like that, to come out in a Test match and do that will do Burnsy a lot of good.

Jack: "After all the slander, doubts and issues that Burns has faced, it's really rewarding seeing him gain confidence. This innings may re-kick his career back into gear"

Arunabh: "A big salute to Aussie trio of Cummins-Starc-Hazlewood. Indian bowlers, although good, are nowhere near this trio. Stability and consistency are the main reasons. Aussie getting out for 191 has to with their below average batting too and Ashwin!"

Ashish: "These late 2 wickets just make me wonder what could have been the situation if India had held onto their catches in 2nd innings. There would already have been a well over 100 lead and more demoralised Aussie batting. And then even a spectacular collpase as india would have given them a 150 target to bowl at. Sigh!!!"

Amit: "And Aus still has 100% win d/n test" --- Eight in eight.

6:25pm, Day 3 A game full of sensational, quality bowling ends with a deflated Indian line-up going at nearly four-and-a-half per over. Wouldn't be unfair at all to say that the lowest score in your cricketing history can have an effect. Australia have steamrolled the visitors today after coming in, arguably, slightly behind at the start of play. For India, more questions going into the next Test than they had coming into this one. Problems still with their opening batsmen. If today felt like the rug was pulled from under the middle order, then they have more to contend with now that Kohli will leave. And, as of now, there is no word on Shami who went off after being struck by a bouncer on his forearm. For Australia, Joe Burns' runs and general demeanour are a huge bonus at the end of a win that will bring so much confidence. 1-0 after the first Test. Stick around for the presentation.

Yadav to Burns, SIX, tipped over by fine leg! A win for Australia, a fifty for Burns. Short ball climbing up at leg stump, shifts his weight back and across and hooks aerially. The fielder at fine leg lunges backwards and to his right, one-handed. Gets his hand on it but can't keep his balance
Yadav to Burns, no run, short at middle stump, on his toes to defend into the leg side

Australia 4th innings Partnerships

1st70MS WadeJA Burns
2nd12JA BurnsM Labuschagne
3rd11SPD SmithJA Burns