That's all Hemant, Venkat and I have for you from this first game of the women's double-header. Hoping to have your company for the next game! Don't forget to follow the first of the two games in the men's competition as well. Ciao!

Elyse Villani, Rockets captain: "Great way to start the campaign. I thought Freeborn's innings and Kingy's runs at the end was key. The plan was to attack the stumps and the fielders backed it up. It is literally wildcard. Things happened pretty quickly but I love captaining. It was a few days' notice but when you have people helping, it makes it early. We had the momentum on and it made sense to have Glenn bowl the second straight set. [About King] She's lovely and she's a character. She knows she has a job to do for the team and makes batters play shots that build pressure. She was outstanding and she loved it. [On their chat after the hat-trick] I actually told her that although you didn't get a hat-trick for Australia in the Commonwealth Games, you got one now and all's good in the world. The bowling innings pretty much went to plan."

Alana King, Match Hero: "We have got our first win on the board and that's what I am pumped about. I am here to do a job for the team and I am glad to do it. It was a fresh wicket and I could manage to contribute. [Doing well at Old Trafford, where the late Shane Warne bowled the 'ball of the century' to Mike Gatting] I hope he's looking down and feeling proud. I am so excited [to play in the Hundred] and it is an exciting bunch."

1:33pm A 43-run win for Rockets to kickstart their campaign this year! And it was all thanks, in a large share, to King. She first walked out with the bat to play a nine-ball cameo of 19 before turning up with the ball to pick up four wickets, including the first-ever hat-trick in the women's competition. Lee began the chase in right earnest but there was no plugging the wickets from the other end, before she also fell inside the powerplay. A complete bowling performance from Rockets, after seemingly lacking with the bat till about the final assault from King and Freeborn.

Bryce to Jones, OUT, Curtains for Originals? Yep, as Jones is well short of her crease at the bowler's end. She misses the flick and it rolls off her pads to the leg side. They look to steal a quick leg-bye but the throw from Freeborn to Bryce is quick and the bowler disturbs the stumps at her end.

HE Jones run out 2 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Bryce to Jones, no run, Dropped! Full ball outside off, the slow legcutter, was hacked back at her. But she spills it.

Bryce, who started Originals' fall.

17 | 4 Runs 1 Wkt | MO-W: 76/9 (44 runs required from 15 balls, RR: 4.47, RRR: 14.66)

  • Grace Potts4 (4b)
  • Hannah Jones2 (2b)
  • Bryony Smith3.5-0-16-1
  • Katherine Brunt2.5-0-23-0
Smith to Potts, 1 run, Full and outside off, eased to long-off.
Smith to Jones, 1 run, Low full toss on the stumps, gets it off the inner half to deep backward square leg for one.
Smith to Potts, 1 run, Gently floated outside off, turns it to long-on.
Smith to Jones, 1 run, Flatter and quicker on a length on middle and leg, worked away to deep square leg.

Hannah Jones

Smith to Threlkeld, OUT, Tossed up outside off, comes down and hits it straight to cover. She could not get under that and ended up chipping it to Brunt. Easy wicket for Smith, soft dismissal for Threlkeld.

E Threlkeld c Brunt b Smith 7 (12b 0x4 0x6) SR: 58.33

Smith for her final set.

16 | 5 Runs | MO-W: 72/8 (48 runs required from 20 balls, RR: 4.50, RRR: 12.00)

  • Eleanor Threlkeld7 (11b)
  • Grace Potts2 (2b)
  • Katherine Brunt2.5-0-23-0
  • Sarah Glenn3.5-0-14-2
Brunt to Threlkeld, 1 run, On a length on the pads, flicked away through backward square leg for one.
Brunt to Potts, 1 run, Full on middle, hit wide of mid-on for one.
Brunt to Threlkeld, 1 leg bye, Slower ball, full on the pads. Misses the flick and steals a leg-bye.
Brunt to Threlkeld, no run, Looks to move away and explore the area behind point but misses the length ball.
Brunt to Potts, 1 run, On a length on leg, clipped through square leg for one.
Brunt to Potts, 1 wide, Spears it full down leg, Potts misses the flick. Freeborn does well to block that behind the stumps.

Brunt is back for her third set.

15 | 4 Runs 1 Wkt | MO-W: 67/8 (53 runs required from 25 balls, RR: 4.46, RRR: 10.60)

  • Eleanor Threlkeld6 (8b)
  • Sarah Glenn3.5-0-14-2
  • Bryony Smith2.5-0-12-0

The two leggies in the Rockets side have managed to pick up six wickets between them today...

Glenn to Campbell, OUT, King can do no wrong today, can she? Old Trafford is witnessing an all-round show from her. A cameo with the bat, a hat-trick and now a terrific catch running in from deep midwicket. Campbell looked to heave a drag-down but only managed to get it high in the air. King ran in and dove full length to grab that.

A Campbell c King b Glenn 13 (18b 1x4 0x6) SR: 72.22

Umanga: "King could have had 2 hattrick in a space of a month..Alas ! Not to be. :p" That is why she didn't take a chance this time.

Glenn to Threlkeld, 1 run, Full toss on middle, eased down to long-on.
Glenn to Campbell, 1 run, Mistimes her heave off the inner half towards long-on.

Originals 2nd innings Partnerships

1st15L LeeEL Lamb
2nd2DJS DottinL Lee
3rd4AE SatterthwaiteL Lee
4th16AE SatterthwaiteCL Griffith
5th8CL GriffithA Campbell
6th0S EcclestoneA Campbell
7th0KL CrossA Campbell
8th22E ThrelkeldA Campbell
9th5E ThrelkeldG Potts
10th4HE JonesG Potts