6.11pm And that is that, after a thrillingly bonkers game at Trent Bridge. Suzie Bates was the player (hero?) of the match, but how good was Alana King? I thought she could have got the award, even though the Rockets lost. What do I know, though? Anyway, we're off for tonight. We hope you've enjoyed our coverage. Until next time, goodbye!

Suzie Bates is the player of the match: "We probably let it get a little too close, but the way we started allowed us to soak up pressure from the spinners through the middle overs, and Marizanne Kapp was outstanding. The way Capsey attacks the bowling, it makes it easier for me. I don't tell her too much, I don't want to interfere with her instincts. Really pleased [to restrict the Rockets]. I thought the ball was skidding on, it wasn't easy to bat, and out bowlers did really well."

6.06pm This game should never have stretched this far, but the Trent Rockets have done outstandingly well with the ball to almost defend a modest total of 112. Sarah Glenn picked up the key wickets of Alice Capsey and Suzie Bates, and then the world-class Alana King bowled 10 straight dot balls at Marizanne Kapp. But if you're Marizanne Kapp, you soak up all that pressure and come out the other end with an unbeaten 34 off 27. Superb innings in the circumstances, and the Invincibles now have two wins from three games.

Smith to Kapp, FOUR, wow. Only two fielders back, but Kapp has found the gap between the two of them. Super shot to finish. A bit of air on this, and that gives Kapp the time to stretch out, get down low, and sweep powerfully over midwicket in the circle, and bisect long-on and deep midwicket

Long-on and deep midwicket are back. Looks like everyone else is up saving the single.

Invincibles 2nd innings Partnerships

1st26SW BatesL Winfield-Hill
2nd47SW BatesA Capsey
3rd7SW BatesM Kapp
4th30M KappMK Villiers
5th0M KappKM Chathli
6th5KE WhiteM Kapp