Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That's it from Christchurch tonight. New Zealand far too good. The two teams meet again in Dunedin on Thursday. Hope you can join us then for game two. Goodbye and stay safe.


Devon Conway is the Player of the Match for his 99 not out: "I think I just got myself in and ran hard between wickets. I was pretty happy with how it went tonight. You've just got to ride that form wave as long as you can. It's about momentum and keeping that momentum."

Kane Williamson: "An incredible knock from Devon. It was obviously a tough start with the bat and Devon led us back on a surface that wasn't all that easy to start on. It was just perhaps holding a little bit. An incredible knock. There's still a number of things we would like to do a little bit better. The bowlers were outstanding. It swung a little bit and Tim and Trent were at their best."

Aaron Finch: "We didn't play our best tonight. New Zealand played well. Devon Conway well and truly deserved a hundred. They're tough to come by in T20s and he played an absolutely great knock. I thought they built a great partnership and their foundation was through their running between wickets. We didn't get it right. It nipped and swung a bit under lights."

10.20pm Easy win for New Zealand. They were far too good in all departments for Australia. Their new ball bowling did the damage upfront and then Ish Sodhi cleaned up the middle order with his best T20I figures. Mitch Marsh played well for his 45 but Australia were humbled.

Dante: "So NZ spinners have tonight destroyed Australia - on our most seamer friendly wicket - with more than competent assistance from our seamers. Feel free to keep sending your second string Australia, great confidence boost and a headache for our selectors. Aussie who?"

Santner to JA Richardson, OUT, stumped by a mile trying to go again! Clever bowling. Jhye jumped out early again, Santner saw it, dragged the length shorter and beat him comprehensively. Easy stumping for Seifert

JA Richardson st †Seifert b Santner 11 (17m 11b 0x4 1x6) SR: 100.00

Santner to JA Richardson, SIX, advances and lofts this way back over wide long on! Sweet sweet strike. He was down the track to get to the length and it made a sensational sound off the bat
Santner to Zampa, 1 run, shorter length, he's back and working this through midwicket

17 | 9 Runs | AUS: 124/9 (61 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.29, RRR: 20.33)

  • Adam Zampa12 (7b)
  • Jhye Richardson5 (9b)
  • Trent Boult3-0-22-2
  • Ish Sodhi4-0-28-4

Kishan: "NZ have an awesome bowling unit and bench strength too. This attack can challenge any batting line up on home conditions."

Boult to Zampa, 1 leg bye, good length, 134kph, angled into the pads and it runs away into the off side for a leg bye
Boult to JA Richardson, 1 run, length slower ball, 117kph, he heaves this on the up to long on
Boult to JA Richardson, no run, 130kph, bouncer, he swings hard and misses
Boult to Zampa, 1 run, short ball, 131kph, angled in and cramping him, he miscues in the air just out of reach of Neesham at midwicket
Boult to Zampa, FOUR, thick inside edge runs past leg stump and away! A length ball angled into off, he swung hard and got a thick edge but it missed leg and ran away
Boult to Zampa, 2 runs, 134kph, short ball outside off, he pulls in the air but with no timing to deep midwicket

Trent Boult around the wicket

16 | 8 Runs 1 Wkt | AUS: 115/9 (70 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 7.18, RRR: 17.50)

  • Adam Zampa5 (3b)
  • Jhye Richardson4 (7b)
  • Ish Sodhi4-0-28-4
  • Mitchell Santner3-0-22-0
Sodhi to Zampa, 1 run, short and wide, he's back and cutting hard to deep point
Sodhi to Zampa, FOUR, advances and gets a thick edge that runs away! He charged to a loopy leg break, tried to drive hard to long off, he got a thick edge and it runs to the third man boundary

Free hit coming

Sodhi to Zampa, 1 no ball, high full toss! This slipped out but it was well wide of off

Australia 2nd innings Partnerships

1st3AJ FinchMS Wade
2nd5MS WadeJR Philippe
3rd8MS WadeMR Marsh
4th3MR MarshGJ Maxwell
5th37MR MarshMP Stoinis
6th42MR MarshAC Agar
7th1AC AgarDR Sams
8th0AC AgarJA Richardson
9th9KW RichardsonJA Richardson
10th23A ZampaJA Richardson