Player of the Match
Player of the Match

10:23pm And that is all from our live coverage of this game. See you for the decider on Sunday!

Finch: I think just hanging out in the end helped me out. I had visions of ending up 50 off 60 balls! I think I was trying to hit a bit too hard. We lost a couple of wickets along the way so had to take it deep. Good to get some out of the middle in the end.

I thought with ball we adapted really well, we learnt from the way NZ bowled. Pace off the ball was going to be important, the way Agar bowled in that powerplay was important. He's such a dynamic player (Maxi), he always wants to be in the action - he's a great player to balance out your side. We've been trying to be a bit more aggresive with the batting but when you lose wickets, it gets tougher, so we looked to take it deeper [today] and got some good momentum going into the bowling innings. We felt it was a competitive score and knew the powerplay would make or break the game. We knew had to be really really on in that powerplay.

Williamson: I thought the way the Australian side adjusted, the knock from Finchy to take them deep was crucial. At the same time it was a poor performance from us. We lacked intent and got behind the eight ball. But for us it's imporant to make the adjustment, we have three games on this surface. I think it surprised everybody but got to use that experience to adjust quickly, which the Australians did well today. It was a poor batting performance, certainly things to touch on and adapt. I think it was a very good total in the end, the guys did adapt reasonably quickly (with ball) but it's those big overs that give you the real competitive totals and we weren't able to get in those positions.

Aaron Finch is the Player of the Match.

10:15pm Another comprehensive defeat for the hosts then, two in a row and suddenly we are primed for a series decider. It was a tricky pitch to bat on and New Zealand didn't find a single phase in the innings where they'd figured out run-scoring. Australia built the pressure early on, took the pace off when they had to and snuck in extra spin overs from Maxwell too to completely bully New Zealand in chase. Once again, the hosts were left with no chance.

KW Richardson to Jamieson, OUT, taken at long-on! Australia have leveled the series at 2-2. It's a slower length ball outside off, it's in his swinging arc, but he's done by the change in pace and hits it high. Taken comfortably in the deep

KA Jamieson c Maxwell b KW Richardson 30 (25m 18b 5x4 0x6) SR: 166.66

KW Richardson to Boult, 1 run, short and into leg stump, arches into the leg side and expertly gets a forehand slice out to long-on

Nathan Dare: "Big big odds for Trent Boult to be involved in the highest batting partnership earlier today." --- always good for the money!

Liam: "You can't drop Jamieson, he is NZ best batsmen today haha"

KW Richardson to Jamieson, 1 run, slower ball at a length on off stump, punched to long-on's right off the back foot
KW Richardson to Jamieson, FOUR, whew, some power in that! Slower short ball outisde off, sits up and is absolutely spanked to deep midwicket's left
KW Richardson to Jamieson, 1 wide, full and down leg side, left alone
KW Richardson to Jamieson, no run, nearly a freak run-out at the other end! Short of a length ball, pulled firmly back at the bowler who sticks out his right hand. It rolls tantalizingly towards the stumps a sBoult has to change direction and dive back into the crease. The ball misses, to his relief

18 | 7 Runs | NZ: 99/9 (58 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 5.50, RRR: 29.00)

  • Trent Boult5 (5b)
  • Kyle Jamieson25 (14b)
  • Jhye Richardson2-0-16-0
  • Adam Zampa4-0-24-2

Mark: "The NZ batting has been woeful this game. Not enough emphasis early on taking singles and ticking the score along. Jamieson has to be replaced for the next game. His bowling has just been too costly. I'm surprised Williamson didn't have an over or two himself given that it was taking spin. Then he wouldn't have had to rely on Jamieson at the end. Just haven't been as innovative as Australia."

JA Richardson to Boult, no run, short and just outside off, backs away for the cut and is beaten by the extra bounce
JA Richardson to Boult, no run, full outside off, clears the front foot and crunches this along the turf to mid-off

Harinath Ranjit: ""cLaSsY" batsman. None other than the inventor of the FBD (Flamingo Backfoot defence)"

JA Richardson to Jamieson, 1 run, slower ball at a length outside off, mistimed slash to extra cover's right
JA Richardson to Boult, 1 run, slower ball at a length following him down leg. Backs away and gets a late cut off the under-edge to steal a run from Wade
JA Richardson to Jamieson, 1 run, length outside off, clears the front foot and drills to long-off
JA Richardson to Jamieson, FOUR, past short third man. Slower ball at a length, wide outside off. Slashes at it and gets a thick outside edge

17 | 11 Runs 1 Wkt | NZ: 92/9 (65 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 5.41, RRR: 21.66)

  • Trent Boult4 (2b)
  • Kyle Jamieson19 (11b)
  • Adam Zampa4-0-24-2
  • Ashton Agar4-0-11-2
Zampa to Boult, FOUR, oh beautiful. Classy stuff from a classy batsman. Full googly outside off, reaches out for it and just chips it over Zampa. Lovely wristwork
Zampa to Boult, 1 wide, legbreak tossed up wide outside off, probably hoping Boult stepped out. He doesn't, lets it go
Zampa to Boult, no run, beaten on the slog. A full googly outside off, he is beaten on the inside edge
Zampa to Jamieson, 1 run, short and turning away outside off, pulled to deep midwicket on the bounce
Zampa to Jamieson, FOUR, creamed over the bowler! Length ball wide outside off, uses his reach to get right under that and nail this drive

New Zealand 2nd innings Partnerships

1st21MJ GuptillTL Seifert
2nd13KS WilliamsonTL Seifert
3rd2KS WilliamsonDP Conway
4th5DP ConwayGD Phillips
5th7JDS NeeshamDP Conway
6th9DP ConwayMJ Santner
7th7TG SoutheeDP Conway
8th16DP ConwayKA Jamieson
9th2IS SodhiKA Jamieson
10th24TA BoultKA Jamieson