Player of the Match
Player of the Match

3:13pm New Zealand pose with the trophy, and that is all from our live coverage tonight. Thanks for joining us through the series. We shall see you soon. On behalf of Gnasher and Ranjith, this is goodbye.

Williamson: Increidbly hard fought series, momentum shifts throughout. To adjust on this surface after the first two games on this pitch was very pleasing. We know how strong the Australian side is, we just wanted to put on a much improved performance. In some ways we got exposed on that surface. It was a little better today and a really good all-round performance. I suppose when you're playing three games on the same surface, you get clear about what to do. Thanks to Aaron and his team for coming to our shores, quarantine isn't an easy thing to do.

Finch: We probably just weren't aggressive enough with the bat. We kept losing wickets at regular intervals. Couple of us put time in the innings and didn't go on. If one of us gets 60-70 it's a different picture. I thought the pitch played pretty well today. Mitch Santner bowled well with the new ball. I thought for a drop-in wicket to hold up for three games is credit to the groundsman. I think what we've been talking about is gradual improvement, constant improvement from game one was exciting. Would have been nice to win but NZ is a great side.

Sodhi: I suppose in these conditions you have to be as aggressive as possible. Thankfully the big boys at the start created pressure. The batsmen adapted brilliantly today to chase that score down. It's always nice to get wickets, grateful the guys at the other end creating the pressure.

Ish Sodhi is the Player of the Series.

Guptill: Today we wanted to not back down from the fight. Devon's opened a lot for Wellington over the years. Wouldn't say I went off from ball one, but it was good to get a partnership there with Devon. Six-hitting, I guess, is just about trusting you can get enough bat on it.

Martin Guptill is the Player of the Match.

2:59pm Hugs and handshakes all around as New Zealand overcome the hiccups in their last two games to take this series convincingly. The bowling delivered as a whole today for them, Ish Sodhi once again among the wickets and doing most of the damage. Economical stuff from the rest of the bowlers too before the brand new opening stand of Guptill and Conway delivered. They had impetus at the start, which turned into confident stroke-making and eventually into a century stand powered by some trademark Guptill strikes. Once it got there, Australia had little resistance to offer and Phillips made them pay.

Zampa to Phillips, SIX, clubbed over long-on for the series win! Lovely little cameo from Phillips here, came out looking to hit boundaries and nailed it. This is tossed up and once again he clears the front leg to make room and goes against the turn with a lofted drive
Zampa to Phillips, no run, length and pushed through flat at leg stump, clipped to midwicket
Zampa to Phillips, SIX, slog swept over wide long-on! Length ball dipping outside off. Might have been a googly. Makes no difference once Phillips is down on his knee and gets a clean swing at this

15 | 7 Runs 1 Wkt | NZ: 131/3 (12 runs required from 30 balls, RR: 8.73, RRR: 2.40)

  • Mark Chapman1 (2b)
  • Glenn Phillips22 (13b)
  • Jhye Richardson3-0-19-1
  • Riley Meredith4-0-39-2
JA Richardson to Chapman, no run, short of a length and across the corridor, looks for the pull and is beaten
JA Richardson to Phillips, 1 run, length and into leg stump, flicked to deep square
JA Richardson to Chapman, 1 run, short of a length at leg stump, short arm pull to fine leg's right
JA Richardson to Phillips, 1 run, length and just outside off, nudged towards point from the crease
JA Richardson to Phillips, FOUR, all-four Phillips gets a fifth. Full and just outside off, strong base as he allows that to come on, then opens the face very late to get a sweet drive wide of mid-off

Chapman is in at 5

JA Richardson to Guptill, OUT, taken at short fine. Looks to pump this short of a length delivery over deep midwicket but it gets big on him. A top edge is all he can get and Marsh takes a simple one around the corner. Guptill walks off to a standing ovation, he's set New Zealand up for a series win

MJ Guptill c Marsh b JA Richardson 71 (66m 46b 7x4 4x6) SR: 154.34

14 | 13 Runs | NZ: 124/2 (19 runs required from 36 balls, RR: 8.85, RRR: 3.16)

  • Glenn Phillips16 (10b)
  • Martin Guptill71 (45b)
  • Riley Meredith4-0-39-2
  • Ashton Agar4-0-26-0

All scoring shots from Phillips have been boundaries so far.

Meredith to Phillips, FOUR, creamed through the covers. No one on the rope there. It's overpitched at the stumps, his front leg is in the leg side to create swinging room and he connects sweetly
Meredith to Phillips, FOUR, pulled in front of square. Short and sitting up at hip height. Stays put in the crease and slaps it on the rise
Meredith to Phillips, no run, short of a length outisde off, mistimed pull to mid-on
Meredith to Phillips, FOUR, drilled past the bowler's head! Length ball at 147kph, clears the front leg and gives that a big punch. Meredith has to go to floor to avoid that in his follow through
Meredith to Phillips, no run, catches him on his right thigh. Short of a length and skidding rapidly on, 148kph, as he shapes to pull. It was too full and he was cramped

A slip and a gully now

Meredith to Guptill, 1 run, short of a length and just outisde off, 147kph. Hangs leg side of that and steers to third man

Here is Meredith now with the hat-trick ball. Slip is in.

13 | 5 Runs | NZ: 111/2 (32 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 8.53, RRR: 4.57)

  • Glenn Phillips4 (5b)
  • Martin Guptill70 (44b)
  • Ashton Agar4-0-26-0
  • Riley Meredith3-0-26-2
Agar to Phillips, FOUR, swatted over mid-on! Full and into leg stump, uses the angle to get his hands through this and lift it over the infield
Agar to Phillips, no run, short of a length and turning away from off, pushed into the off side off the back foot
Agar to Phillips, no run, length and into middle stump, hurriedly pushed towards mid-on off the back foot
Agar to Phillips, no run, full and just outisde off, mistimed drive to extra cover

New Zealand 2nd innings Partnerships

1st106MJ GuptillDP Conway
2nd0MJ GuptillKS Williamson
3rd18MJ GuptillGD Phillips
4th19MS ChapmanGD Phillips