Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Phew! Zimbabwe edge past Bangladesh in the sixth attempt after running close on five occasions earlier. The series is all square at 1-1, and don't forget to join us for the decider on Sunday. Until then, you can hop on the action between Sri Lanka and India, as we bid goodbye to you today!

Andy: "So happy for Zimbabwe! Between broken shoes, dodgy administrators"

SunnyK: "What a Lucky Charm for Zimbabwe! Wellington Masakadza is literally Everywhere!"

Here's Raza: "Today we managed to tick a lot more boxes than we managed yesterday. [166 was enough?] I would have taken that [score], and with a young squad, it gives us confidence. We back ourselves to defend... Blessing listened to the team plan... and hopefully we all listen to the team plan for the final game!"

Madhevere is the Player of the Match for his knock of 73: "All credit to the boys. Everyone in the change room gave me positive ideas... The wicket was on the slower side, but credit to the Bangladesh bowlers - they bowled well. I'm starting to fancy opening in T20s, and build on that as well... "

Mahmudullah will speak first: "We didn't have a good partnership... We missed a few chances in the field, that's why they put big partnerships and got to a big total. We need to look into those areas and come back stronger. [Shoriful a positive?] Shoriful has been bowling really well. The bowlers have been trying really hard."

Time for the presentations

Hetelani Mukwak: "Today it was a real team work from the Zimbabwean side, all departments played very well. Thumbs up team Zimbabwe "

Camper: "@Hetelani Mukwak Tendai Chatara (at least for today) has looked all of the bowling partner that Muzarabani has been deserving for some time now. He bowled much better than Ngarava and probably if Ngarava had played this game would have been much closer."

4.05pm So here comes the hosts' first win of the tour. A real team effort from Zimbabwe, led by Madhevere, Burl and Masakadza, as they win by 23 runs. They posted 166 and avoided a batting collapse for a change, and their bowlers answered the call with a match-winning display. Zimbabwe's fielding was also spot-on - much in contrast to that of Bangladesh today - and an all-round effort means the series is levelled at 1-1.

Jongwe to Taskin Ahmed, OUT, taken at long-on, and that's over. Good length ball bowled wide of off, as he swings his bat to play across the line. The ball finds Masakadza again, and he can't stop himself from celebrating with a smile and a shake of the shoulder. Zimbabwe win, finally

Taskin Ahmed c Masakadza b Jongwe 5 (16m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 62.50

Jongwe to Taskin Ahmed, no run, short of a length again, and goes wide of off. Taskin swings his bat, but can't connect to that while playing away from his body
Jongwe to Taskin Ahmed, 2 runs, yorker length on middle and off, and driven down the ground. A run-out chance at the keeper's end. Taskin wasn't dragging his bat, and that's touch-and-go as the bails are clipped just at the moment Taskin bangs his bat inside the crease

Shoriful is the new man, but Taskin will be on strike

Jongwe to Mohammad Saifuddin, OUT, caught at extra cover while going for a heave. This was on a good length and wide of off again, as he made room to try and swing the bat, but could only sky that to the fielder

Mohammad Saifuddin c Sikandar Raza b Jongwe 19 (23m 15b 1x4 1x6) SR: 126.66

Jongwe to Mohammad Saifuddin, FOUR, top-edges a pull past short third man. Short of a length and wide of off, the batter swings his bat and gets it through to the right of the fielder
Jongwe to Mohammad Saifuddin, 1 wide, the ball rolls over to the keeper, as this is bowled very full and wide of off. Called a wide, but Raza not happy as it was a very tight call

19 | 4 Runs | BAN: 136/8 (31 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 7.15, RRR: 31.00)

  • Mohammad Saifuddin15 (13b)
  • Taskin Ahmed3 (5b)
  • Blessing Muzarabani4-0-21-2
  • Tendai Chatara4-0-24-2
Muzarabani to Mohammad Saifuddin, 1 run, slower ball on a full length on middle and leg, and he pushes it to deep point by making room
Muzarabani to Mohammad Saifuddin, no run, dances down after making room, but can't get bat on ball while trying to pull the short of a length ball on middle
Muzarabani to Mohammad Saifuddin, 2 runs, clipped to deep square leg off the inside edge for a couple. This was bowled in the slot, but the batter swung his bat much earlier than the ball arrived
Muzarabani to Taskin Ahmed, 1 run, another shortish ball on middle, tapped toward point with a skip in the crease
Muzarabani to Taskin Ahmed, no run, good length ball on middle and leg, and angles back in as the batter makes room and the ball passes his inside edge on its way to the keeper
Muzarabani to Taskin Ahmed, no run, goes for the swing, but the ball is pretty wide of him. Fullish length and outside off, as the batter plays while being stuck in his crease

35 from 12. Anyone for (more) drama?

Hetelani Mukwak: "Tendai Chatara is nolonger effective as he used to be some 5 years ago, it's high time that he should retire. "

18 | 6 Runs 1 Wkt | BAN: 132/8 (35 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 7.33, RRR: 17.50)

  • Taskin Ahmed2 (2b)
  • Mohammad Saifuddin12 (10b)
  • Tendai Chatara4-0-24-2
  • Blessing Muzarabani3-0-17-2
Chatara to Taskin Ahmed, 1 run, another good stop by the man at deep midwicket. This time he rushes to his right to stop the short ball on middle which is pulled pretty powerfully as well

Chatara runs in, but backs out eventually

Chatara to Mohammad Saifuddin, 1 run, is he hit-wicket? There was a sound of the stumps getting clipped just before the ball left the bowler's hands. This looks ridiculous, with the bails having come off by the wind. Anyway, the bowler had gone for the short ball on middle with the batter deep in his crease to pull to deep midwicket. But this is strange, I don't remember such a coincidence ever
Chatara to Mohammad Saifuddin, no run, slashes this full delivery on middle and off to extra cover
Chatara to Mohammad Saifuddin, 2 runs, good leaping stop by deep midwicket to his left to prevent a boundary. Short of a length on middle, and pulled toward deep square leg but the fielder intercepts and keeps it down to two
Chatara to Taskin Ahmed, 1 run, short of a length ball on middle, and climbing on to the batter. Pulled toward midwicket with his eyes almost taken off the ball

Taskin is the new man

Chatara to Afif Hossain, OUT, pulled to fine leg, and he's gone. Steps across to this good length ball on middle and off, and swings his bat to try and clear the fence. But that's instead hit really flat to the fielder, and that's also probably the game for Zimbabwe

Afif Hossain c Shumba b Chatara 24 (42m 25b 1x4 1x6) SR: 96.00

Chatara to Afif Hossain, 1 wide, slower delivery on a fullish length and wide of off. Left alone by the batter, and called a wide

Chatara back. Over the wicket

Harare hangover: "You just can't keep Wellington out of the game." --- You got it!

17 | 8 Runs | BAN: 126/7 (41 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.41, RRR: 13.66)

  • Afif Hossain24 (24b)
  • Mohammad Saifuddin9 (7b)
  • Blessing Muzarabani3-0-17-2
  • Luke Jongwe3-0-24-1
Muzarabani to Afif Hossain, 1 run, backs away to this very full on middle, and pushes to deep midwicket. A throw back in time from Masakadza means the batters are restricted to one
Muzarabani to Afif Hossain, FOUR, scoops over short-fine leg for four. Goes across the stumps, and it's a low full-toss which he only has to loft and clear the man to find the fence
Muzarabani to Mohammad Saifuddin, 1 run, goes for the pull to this fullish ball on leg, but toe-ends it to point
Muzarabani to Mohammad Saifuddin, no run, skips down and swings his bat across line, but this is again a slower ball on a full length and wide of off. Beaten while trying to heave

Bangladesh 2nd innings Partnerships

1st14Soumya SarkarMohammad Naim
2nd3Soumya SarkarMahedi Hasan
3rd28Shakib Al HasanMahedi Hasan
4th7MahmudullahMahedi Hasan
5th1Mahedi HasanAfif Hossain
6th15Nurul HasanAfif Hossain
7th41Afif HossainShamim Hossain
8th18Mohammad SaifuddinAfif Hossain
9th14Taskin AhmedMohammad Saifuddin
10th2Taskin AhmedShoriful Islam