Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Jos Buttler is Player of the series: "Great victory, picked up wickets at crucial times. In good form, keep going when you're in good form. There's a lot of cricket coming up in a short space of time, more guys standing up on this trip. Payne threatening on debut, Brydon's exciting, a deep pool of players. And we're incredibly fortunate to have the Barmy Army, Amsterdam away is a pretty good trip."

And with that, Buttler raises the series trophy, and the team poses for photos. And on that note, I'm outta here, cos it's all kicking off now, as the summer of endless England cricket gets into full swing. Tune in tomorrow for the third Test against New Zealand at Headingley. From Miller, Alan, Ranjith and Matt "Rovin'" Roller, currently hunting for Kookaburras in the Amstelveen trees, it's thank you and goodbye.

Scott Edwards: "We took some good learnings from it, the boys will be better for it. I'm seeing it pretty well. Credit to England they bowled really well after that 30th over and tied us down."

Time for some presentations

Roy is the Player of the Match: "Very chuffed to finish on a high, and send our fans home with a smile on their faces. We've always prided ourselves on our standards, the bowlers were great and made up for Payney getting his first wicket. A good benchmark but a big test this summer.[New boys] look like they've played 50 games, the future's bright. The fans have been unbelievable, we should make a habit of coming here."

4.03pm So handshakes all round. It's been a chastening finish to the series for the Dutch, but a hugely successful week in every other right for the hosts, who've finally had the World Champions in their back-yard for a full series. Roy and Buttler finish the match in style, after van Meekeren's two in three balls briefly dented England's momentum. For the Dutch, a trio of fifties showed their abilities in a burgeoning middle-order, led once again by their new captain Scott Edwards, who passed 200 runs for the series at more than a run a ball.

James : "Jos has hit almost as many trees in this series as I did playing golf yesterday!"

Ed: "Double the score at 30 overs they say - with these two going like this there is scope for a seriously big one if England had been batting first. " Well yes, what might have been!

Amit: "Such kind of series are really heart breaking for cricket playing nations like Netherlands. On other hand they will also learn a lot by playing against big players like Buttler, Roy, Livingstone. The only thins is such countries should have nice coach who can let players learn from such matches and grow fast" I disagree. Playing with the big boys can only help in the long run. And Amstelveen's spectators have had a treat too!

Brian : "Bearing in mind how economical James Anderson is why isn't he still involved in limited overs cricket? Is it simply an age issue I. E. Saving himself for tests?" He's still England's leading wicket-taker in ODIs which is amusing, but yes, that ship sailed seven years ago!

Pringle to Buttler, SIX, looped into the blockhole, and Buttler clears the commentary box! Those dismissive wrists send the ball hi-tailing for the trees at wide long-on, and England win with a ball less than 20 overs to spare

30 | 16 Runs | ENG: 242/2 (3 runs required from 20 overs, RR: 8.06, RRR: 0.15)

  • Jason Roy101 (86b)
  • Jos Buttler80 (63b)
  • Bas de Leede2-0-22-0
  • Paul van Meekeren7-0-59-2
de Leede to Roy, FOUR, full length, straight-lined biff, Roy has his tenth ODI hundred! Clean through long off, off comes the helmet, it's been a masterful knock and it makes up for his lack of input in the 498. England are almost there now
de Leede to Buttler, 1 run, on the back foot, tapped back down the pitch. Hands the strike back for Roy to do his worst...

Now then Jos... your move

de Leede to Roy, 1 run, fuller length, into the toes, clipped to mid-on
de Leede to Roy, FOUR, belted at the top of the bounce and clean through the covers! Pierces the inner ring and he's a blow away from that hundred now!
de Leede to Roy, 1 wide, slides down the leg side. One fewer run for Roy to play with... he might need to seal it in this over!
de Leede to Roy, FOUR, thumped down on the ball, clean through long-on! An upside-down drive, clearing the front leg and he bashes into the 90s
de Leede to Buttler, 1 run, very wide line, dipping on the crease, good delivery, hidden outside Buttler's arc, and tapped into the covers

29 | 26 Runs | ENG: 226/2 (19 runs required from 21 overs, RR: 7.79, RRR: 0.90)

  • Jos Buttler78 (61b)
  • Jason Roy88 (82b)
  • Paul van Meekeren7-0-59-2
  • Bas de Leede1-0-6-0
van Meekeren to Buttler, 1 run, line and length, boos ring out as Buttler declines to have a hack and instead dabs into the covers to keep the strike... you know what I was saying about going loco from a standing start... I sense it's happening...
van Meekeren to Buttler, SIX, Uh oh ... Buttler's got his romp on! A catastrophic golf swing, through the line, vast and straight over long ... off, on, all of it!
van Meekeren to Buttler, (no ball) SIX, astonishing! a double-bouncing, misdirected looper from the back of the hand, plops on the crease line, way down the leg side, so Buttler romps into position and ponies the uppercut over fine leg! It's a Free Hit too!
van Meekeren to Buttler, no run, swished across the line, deflects off the pad
van Meekeren to Buttler, FOUR, sits up in the pitch, and blatted across the line to cow corner! Picks the gap, or rather, doesn't give the fielder a moment's thought, and a couple of bounces over the rope

England 2nd innings Partnerships

1st85JJ RoyPD Salt
2nd0DJ MalanJJ Roy
3rd163JJ RoyJC Buttler