Player of the Match
Player of the Match

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Commentator: Sreshth Shah

19 | 10 Runs | ENG-W: 147/4 (2 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 7.73, RRR: 2.00)

  • Maia Bouchier9 (5b)
  • Amy Jones20 (18b)
  • Shabnim Ismail4-0-28-0
  • Masabata Klaas4-0-39-1

Time for the presentations. Sune Luus: "We needed something special in the field and luckily it stuck. We spoke about giving us a platform for Chloe, myself and Laura to come in and tee off at the end. The openers did well and that's the confidence they needed. [Absentees] Every game you can find positives and we'll try and build on that for the next game. When you play a quality side like England, fielding and catching is crucial. That's something we need to focus on."

Nat Sciver: "Different challenges were thrown at us when we were bowling. They came out with intent and put us under pressure and we did a great job of dragging it back. [Spinners?] To have those wicket-takers in the middle was really important. We knew that would really slow them down towards the end. [Dropped catch?] Not one of my best moments. Unfortunately we might have to talk about it a bit further later today. [Brunt?] I don't believe it sometimes because to me she's just my wife. For her to be the leading wicket-taker now is really special. Having that firepower in our bowling attack is something that we'll really miss. [Improvements?] Being relentless with our attacking mindset. We didn't take an early wicket, not through lack of trying. We'll keep that positive intent."

Danni Wyatt is POTM: "Really enjoyed batting out there on a really nice wicket. Credit to the bowlers, happy to contribute. We just said that it sat up nicely on that wicket. [Still learning?] I'm always trying to get better. I'm an oldie now but you've always got to improve, keep getting better and better. [Dunkley?] She's in beast mode at the minute. It's an honour to bat with her. [CWG?] Lots of cricket coming up. Great signs."

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5.27pm A solid win for the home crowd to enjoy. Wyatt and Sciver the anchors through the innings but don't forget the Dunkley cameo at the top which really dented SA's morale when they came out to bowl. As for South Africa, some dropped chances, some missed run-outs, and perhaps, a few runs left out there. Despite the result, plenty for both sides to learn about ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

Ismail to Bouchier, FOUR, short ball again, and angling into her. Pulled from near her shoulder to fine leg and England win by six wickets! They seal the T20I series too, 2-0, with one game left.
Ismail to Jones, 1 run, short ball just outside off. Awkward height but she manages to flay a shot over the bowler anyway. One
Ismail to Bouchier, 1 run, fullish on off and angling into her pads. Worked to deep midwicket
Ismail to Bouchier, FOUR, over mid on! Fielder inside the circle, and Bouchier flat-bats this length ball outside off. Clears the infield, and four for her
Ismail to Bouchier, no run, back of a length, outside off. Cut in front of square, but stopped at cover point

few more dots and the pressure will shift...

Ismail to Bouchier, no run, yorker on middle, and dug away to point. Can't get a single though

England (W) 2nd innings Partnerships

1st26DN WyattSIR Dunkley
2nd24DN WyattBF Smith
3rd35DN WyattNR Sciver
4th56AE JonesNR Sciver
5th10AE JonesME Bouchier