Player of the Match
Player of the Match

20 | 8 Runs | PAK-W: 108/6 | RR: 5.40

  • Bismah Maroof15 (15b)
  • Kainat Imtiaz4 (7b)
  • Kavisha Dilhari4-0-28-2
  • Chamari Athapaththu1-0-5-0

That brings the T20s to an end. After a couple of one-siders the thriller had the perks of unintentional delayed gratification. Play-wise, there was sloppy fielding and running. But the batting at the top from Sri Lanka was commendable, as was the bowling. Pakistan have played to the conditions with perfection. They have unearthed a gem in the form of Tuba Hassan. Keep an eye out for her in the future. Hopefully, we see exciting talent from Sri Lanka as well. An opportunity for that might arrive in the ODI series starting on the first of June. Join us then as we bring you the live coverage. For now, it's goodbye from me, Ekanth, on behalf of my fellow commentator, Danyal Rasool, and our scorer, K Vairavan.

Bismah Maroof, Pakistan Captain, for the POTM and two run outs: Credit to the players. It was great to watch, a dream debut for Tuba. Hope she continues. Ideal to give to the youngsters who have responded well. We want to continue the momentum for the important ODI series as that carries points as well.

Chamari Athapaththu, Sri Lanka Captain: We tried to score more. The start was good but the run outs set us back. Some players focus too much on getting singles and are not trusting their hitting abilities. That's leading to run outs. There are positives as we fought till the end. Hope the girls come good for the ODIs.

Tuba Hassan is the POTS: It feels amazing. I am grateful for the captain and the support staff for their assistance. My aim was to hit good lengths and it just went right for me. I hope to carry the work forward.

Sumail Hussain: "I think both teams have played ordinary cricket through out the series. The modern cricket requires the 150 score at least. We need to learn from other teams." Sri Lanka, yes. But the slow pitches made it hard to hit big with batters needing to manufacture power. Spin was also high. The fielding was ordinary.

Nitesh Paliwal: "5 Run outs in a single inning in any format. Does it make entry in record book?" It will join a long-list as the second-highest number of run outs in an innings in a Women's T20I.

The kids in the stands are thrilled as the players shake hands. We'll be back with the presentations.

5:07 pm: After a couple of one-sided wins, Pakistan clinch a thriller. They started slow with the bat. Muneeba was set but had chewed up a few balls. Nida Dar came in to add intent. The bowlers were going well, Oshadi was magnificent. Kavisha was good but the captain, coming on in the 19th over, gave away easy extras. Bismah's tactical nous was in full flow as she handed the big-hitting responsibilities to her partners while pinching twos and ticking over with placing balls into gaps and running quick. For Sri Lanka, it was a case of so near, yet so far.

Dilhari to Bismah Maroof, 2 runs, Wayward throw allows two and Pakistan finish the clean sweep! It was a full ball, slow as it has been, Bismah came down and flicked it on the move to wide long on. They ran quick, the throw came in, the bowler had to stand back as it was flat and fast. She could not gather it and the Kainat made it in the meantime.

2 needed off 1, Bismah backs away and Kavisha pulls out.

Dilhari to Bismah Maroof, 2 runs, Makes room and whacks a length ball on the stumps to long-off. They burgle two, the throw came to the non-striker's end. But not in time.

Pulls back after running in.

Dilhari to Kainat Imtiaz, 1 run, Slow and full again, down leg and Kainat tried the hard sweep. Got it to square leg for just one.
Dilhari to Bismah Maroof, 1 run, Slow into the pitch outside off, Bismah comes down the ground and flicks it aerially. But only to mid-on from where it rolls. Stopped at long-on.

6 off 4.

Dilhari to Kainat Imtiaz, 1 run, Makes room and slashes at the full ball on the stumps. Finds long-off.

Midwicket is in, as it short fine leg, cover, and two points.

Dilhari to Bismah Maroof, 1 run, Length ball on off is steered to point after making room. They take the single.

Ordinary balls in the last two overs keeps Pakistan in the game. 8 needed off 6, Bismah on strike which is good for Pakistan. Kavisha will start from around the wicket.

19 | 7 Runs | PAK-W: 100/6 (8 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 5.26, RRR: 8.00)

  • Kainat Imtiaz2 (5b)
  • Bismah Maroof9 (11b)
  • Chamari Athapaththu1-0-5-0
  • Kavisha Dilhari3-0-20-2
Athapaththu to Kainat Imtiaz, no run, Makes room and tries to mow the full ball on the stumps, goes into the ground and to the right of the bowler where it is stopped.
Athapaththu to Bismah Maroof, 1 run, 100 up for Pakistan with a flick off the full ball to long-on.
Athapaththu to Kainat Imtiaz, 1 run, Full on leg, clipped to wide long-on.
Athapaththu to Bismah Maroof, 1 run, Full down leg, tries the sweep. Goes to the off side off the deviation with the body, may have hit the gloves as it turns out.
Athapaththu to Bismah Maroof, 2 leg byes, Misses the line as the full ball goes down leg. It looked to have beaten the gentle flick, may have hit the pad. Chased by short fine leg and stopped near the fence.
Athapaththu to Bismah Maroof, 2 runs, Good length on leg, nudged to the gap at midwicket. They run hard and manage to complete two.

Over the wicket.

The game's wobbling. 15 off 12 looks doable with Bismat in. Can Sri Lanka claw their way back?

18 | 6 Runs 1 Wkt | PAK-W: 93/6 (15 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 5.16, RRR: 7.50)

  • Kainat Imtiaz1 (3b)
  • Bismah Maroof5 (7b)
  • Kavisha Dilhari3-0-20-2
  • Sachini Nisansala4-0-24-0
Dilhari to Kainat Imtiaz, no run, Full on fourth stump, pushed to cover.
Dilhari to Kainat Imtiaz, no run, Stands still and tries to push the full ball with a fully open bat-face. Beaten.

Back over

Dilhari to Bismah Maroof, 1 run, Gets to the pitch of the full ball around off and flicks it to long-on

Around the wicket.

Dilhari to Kainat Imtiaz, 1 run, Works a length ball on the stumps to midwicket.
Dilhari to Nida Dar, OUT, Dar misses the sweep, it hits the back leg and is given LBW! It was on a good length outside off and came in. Nida, on one knee, missed the sweep. It looked to have hit her in front of off. The bowler was jumping while appealing and was delighted further by the decision.

Nida Dar lbw b Dilhari 14 (19m 14b 2x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Dilhari to Nida Dar, FOUR, Short third man chases the ball to the boundary where she misfields and allows the boundary. Required rate is back to run a ball. It came off a full ball outside off that was reverse swept fine.

17 | 9 Runs | PAK-W: 87/5 (21 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 5.11, RRR: 7.00)

  • Nida Dar10 (12b)
  • Bismah Maroof4 (6b)
  • Sachini Nisansala4-0-24-0
  • Oshadi Ranasinghe4-0-18-3

That was a chaotic over despite the no-ball and free hit not being punished.

Nisansala to Nida Dar, 1 leg bye, Another half-tracker, this on leg, Nida crouches and tries to pull it hard and past short fine leg but finds the fielder. Gone off the pad as it turns out.
Nisansala to Nida Dar, no run, Goes back and punches a length ball outside off to cover.

Around the wicket.

Nisansala to Bismah Maroof, 1 run, Slaps a length ball outside off, past the bowler to long-off.

Over the wicket

Nisansala to Nida Dar, 2 wides, Another extra as the full ball is down leg. Nida tried sweeping it fine but missed, as did the keeper which allowed them the bye. Stopped at short fine leg.
Nisansala to Bismah Maroof, 1 run, Quick single taken to cover.
Nisansala to Nida Dar, 1 run, Gets away with another thigh-high full toss as it is pulled to deep-midwicket on the bounce.

Pakistan 2nd innings Partnerships

1st16Iram JavedMuneeba Ali
2nd15Omaima SohailMuneeba Ali
3rd19Aliya RiazMuneeba Ali
4th14Aliya RiazAyesha Naseem
5th10Nida DarAliya Riaz
6th17Bismah MaroofNida Dar
7th17Bismah MaroofKainat Imtiaz