Match Centre

Commentator: Ekanth and Srinidhi

2 | 4 Runs | IND-W: 4/0 | RR: 2.00

  • Jemimah Rodrigues4 (6b)
  • Smriti Mandhana0 (6b)
  • Nonkululeko Mlaba1-0-4-0
  • Shabnim Ismail1-1-0-0

The good news is we're under a day away from the first ever Women's Under-19 T20 World Cup Final. India and England will take on each other. If England's semi-final is anything to go by, it'll be worth the wait. Follow the action live here on ESPNcricinfo. For now, it's goodbye from me, Ekanth, my co-commentator Srinidhi, and our scorer, Sudeep.

9:26pm: That's all folks, the game has officially been called off. The rain never stopped. Well, cricket has been too long a game for too long a period. Maybe when T2s are a thing, we can look back at this fondly. Otherwise, it's been disappointing given the two sides were likely to put up a good game.

9:10pm: Vijay Kumar: "can the match still happen" It technically could. The cut-off time is 10pm local time. Likely to be a five-over game.

Peter S: "Everyone seems to be asking you what they should do. How are coping with the responsibility?" By asking folks to do what I do. Watch Shafali's interview with Raunak or read his piece about her evolution.

8:55pm: Vinod Rajpal: "@Eknath, any official update ? we are planning to go for movie....should we ?" Nope. This could be an odd good-news source for the producer.

8:40pm: Ankita - "Ekanth, can we go to sleep considering this game will be washed out? Very sleepy but awake for the ladies in blue." Can? Yeah. Forecast is bleak. Also, overs being lost feels like an inevitability now.

8:25pm: Winds of change sameness are here...

8:15pm: "Any update" No, Vijay Kumar. It's been 70 minutes since the interruption. Loss of overs seems almost certain if play restarts.

8pm: Pavan Kumar Vis: "Following from Singapore, any updates on the rain? Can we expect it to stop?" Thanks for staying up late, Pavan. No updates yet sadly. As Sanket says, 'Considering the weather forecast for today it should rather be termed as "Rain Interrupted By Match'. Also, it's been close to an hour since play stopped, so loss of overs is likely.

7:45pm: Thanks, Srinidhi. "Has the rain stopped? " No, Harsha.

Sushil: "How costly these 11 dot balls by Indian batters within the context of the rain affected game?" Could be very. But both teams are already in the final. Also, India chose to bat and there was rain before the game, so their plan must have factored rain in.

Let's welcome back Ekanth as we wait for an official update.

Architect Rames: "Expected run flow pour from Mandhana And Rodriques , but rain flowing pouring.. Unexpected rain and disappointing .. rain rain go away singing now"

7.35pm: There's been no update yet on resumption.

Elsewhere, former India captain Mithali Raj has been roped in as mentor and advisor at Gujarat Giants, one of the five franchises set to take part in the inaugural edition of the Women's Premier League (WPL).

7.05pm: Rain has stopped play now. It's pouring heavily. Players are seen running off the field. Covers are on after two overs.

Mlaba to Rodrigues, no run, Full on middle, hit down the ground to short mid-off.
Mlaba to Rodrigues, no run, Full on middle and leg, just comes down the track to hit down the ground to bowler
Mlaba to Rodrigues, no run, Full on off, defended
Mlaba to Rodrigues, FOUR, Four to get off the mark! Full on middle, driven nicely towards covers
Mlaba to Rodrigues, no run, Full and around off, tries to defend and gets beaten by turn
Mlaba to Rodrigues, no run, Full on off, pushed to offside with soft hands

Mlaba now