Match Day

1776dShashank Kishore in Christchurch

Another India-Pakistan duel, but without the hype

You wouldn't find fans hassling for tickets, security personnel rushing to get mechanisms in place, television cameras trailing players, and lengthy press conferences, but that is not to say there is no excitement

Pakistan U19 2nd innings Partnerships

1st10Muhammad Zaid AlamImran Shah
2nd3Rohail NazirImran Shah
3rd7Ali Zaryab AsifRohail Nazir
4th8Rohail NazirAmmad Alam
5th9Mohammad TahaRohail Nazir
6th4Saad KhanRohail Nazir
7th4Hassan KhanSaad Khan
8th3Saad KhanShaheen Shah Afridi
9th20Saad KhanMuhammad Musa
10th1Muhammad MusaArshad Iqbal