9.35pm #Scenes at Providence as the Patriots charge out, arms spread out triumphantly. But the man who did it, Ben Cutting, stands there with a stone-faced expression. No fist pump, no jumps, no yells. That's as sedate a celebration as there's ever been! One can only imagine what Rovman Powell must be feeling right now. One harsh call and he lost it. But, while the wide was unfair, can't lay blame on that alone. You got to hold your nerve at this level. Under pressure, a cool head on your shoulders helps. When you allow nerves to get the better of you, that is what happens. Emotions overtook after the first wide, and three more followed. No way to repair that damage on most occasions, especially when margins are this tight. Also got to feel for Glenn Phillips. Played the innings of his life, but must be devastated that it couldn't pull the team through. But that's how fickle sport can be. T20, especially, is about clinching the crucial moments, and Patriots did that tonight.

"It was always going to be a pressure game.. nerve-wracking like last night. Now we move on to Trinidad," says Chris Gayle.

Simmo: "How on earth do you bowl 4 wides in the game deciding over... clearly couldn't take the pressure"

Craig: "Patriots would have needed 9 runs off two balls had the umpire not erred in the calling that fouth delivery a wide. That bad call messed up the bowler and cost JT the game. The umpiring has been a shame." Umpiring hasn't been good, agreed, but unfair to put that down to the one call alone.

Anton Devcich is Man of the Match for steering the chase. "Glenn Phillips played an outstanding knock. We wanted to just try and get them. The ball skids on in the night. Got to give Chris and credit.. they've scored a lot of runs at this level. Just believe in yourself. In the middle it's a little bit different but I know I can always catch up."

Phew! What a finish to the evening! The thrills and nerves of T20 cricket never cease to sweep you off your feet. This was close. Both teams were in it for the most part, and then a few moments of nerves cost one of them. Anyway, Patriots move on to the second Qualifier where they meet Trinbago Knight Riders. Join us then. This is all we have from here. Thanks, as always for your comments and company. Goodbye!

Powell to Cutting, SIX, Ben Cutting, you beauty! Seals it off with a mighty heave over deep midwicket. A harmless length ball that sits up nicely outside off.. say no more!
Powell to Cutting, 1 wide, this is shoddy bowling.. another wide, angled down the leg side. No good
Powell to Cutting, no run, that's much better. A yorker, pushed along the ground to long-on.. and they don't take the run

Patriots one hit away

Powell to Cutting, 1 wide, slips down the leg side.. oh dear! Rovman's lost it

Says Peter: "Russell has taken three catches tonight, all of them on very hard, very flat and low chances, that 90% of fielders around the world would judge so poorly off the bat that they'd be content to let the ball land in front of them rather than make a belated dive and look foolish coming up short."

Powell to Cutting, 1 wide, no doubt about this one.. too far across
Powell to Cutting, 1 wide, full, wide, left alone. Touch and go, called a wide, and Powell can't believe it. Very harsh call. That's definitely not a wide
Powell to Brathwaite, OUT, in the aiiir.. and Andre Russell.. this guy is impregnable! Another sensational catch. Full, wide and slow, dragged from outside off in the air and DreRuss puts in another dive from long-on to snaffle it above the ground. These are so hard to judge but he's making it look like doling out candies

CR Brathwaite c Russell b Powell 6 (3b 0x4 1x6) SR: 200.00

Costly error from the bowler

Powell to Brathwaite, SIX, low full toss on the pads, heaved over deep square leg. That's a gift

PDP says, ""The only two guys I can think of that would not only be able to judge the ball off the bat that quickly but also cover that much ground in such a short amount of time to be able to come up with a sharp low catch off the boundary besides Russell are Glenn Maxwell and David Warner. Some of the most outstanding catches don't get the attention they deserve because the bulk of the work is done covering ground with the ball in the air rather than making a flashy one-hander and that was one of them by Russell."

Powell to Brathwaite, no run, full, wide, swings and misses

Fourteen to defend in the final over. Powell will get that honour

19 | 12 Runs 1 Wkt | STKNP: 177/7 (15 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 9.31, RRR: 15.00)

  • Ben Cutting11 (8b)
  • Oshane Thomas4-0-43-3
  • Andre Russell4-0-28-0
Thomas to Lewis, OUT, DreRuss with another brilliant catch! He's just so athletic, so he moves sharply. Picks the trajectory of this ball early after Lewis pulls and moves to his left before diving forward to grab it

E Lewis c Russell b Thomas 8 (7b 1x4 0x6) SR: 114.28

Thomas to Cutting, 1 run, full, crunched straight to extra cover
Thomas to Cutting, SIX, full on middle and off, gets room and shovels it over long-on. Crucial strike again
Thomas to Cutting, no run, another swing and miss
Thomas to Lewis, 1 run, again walks across and drills through the same region but this time the fielder in the deep tidies up
Thomas to Lewis, FOUR, walks across and whips away to deep backward square leg. Crucial boundary. Pressure on bowler for rest of the over

18 | 4 Runs | STKNP: 165/6 (27 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 9.16, RRR: 13.50)

  • Evin Lewis3 (4b)
  • Ben Cutting4 (5b)
  • Andre Russell4-0-28-0
  • Oshane Thomas3-0-31-2
Russell to Lewis, 1 run, shortish, crunches a pull straight to deep square leg. Great over from DreRuss
Russell to Lewis, no run, short of length, slow again, swings and misses
Russell to Cutting, 1 run, very full, drilled straight and hard to long-off
Russell to Cutting, no run, short of length, slower, swing and a miss
Russell to Lewis, 1 leg bye, tries to pull a short one and wears it high on the pad
Russell to Cutting, 1 run, digs a yorker out to point

17 | 11 Runs 2 Wkts | STKNP: 161/6 (31 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 9.47, RRR: 10.33)

  • Evin Lewis2 (1b)
  • Ben Cutting2 (2b)
  • Oshane Thomas3-0-31-2
  • Andre Russell3-0-25-0
Thomas to Lewis, 2 runs, full, angled across, driven to sweeper cover
Thomas to Cutting, 1 run, full outside off, driven to wide long-off
Thomas to Devcich, OUT, keeper calls for it and he takes it. Judges very well. This was a skier, never easy to get those, and the set Devcich is gone after getting a top-edge in his attempt to whip away a length ball into the leg side. Got down on one knee, so the bounce was extra

AP Devcich c †Phillips b Thomas 50 (23b 5x4 2x6) SR: 217.39

Thomas to Cutting, 1 run, full outside off, driven to mid-off

Patriots 2nd innings Partnerships

1st16CH GayleDC Thomas
2nd46CH GayleHE van der Dussen
3rd0CH GayleAP Devcich
4th56AP DevcichFA Allen
5th39AP DevcichBA King
6th1AP DevcichBCJ Cutting
7th19BCJ CuttingE Lewis
8th6BCJ CuttingCR Brathwaite
9th10BCJ CuttingHR Walsh