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Stafanie Taylor: I think we came to the party today in the batting area, but can't say that for the fielding. We said that we just need to apply and spend time at the crease. The reason for batting first was the thought that the pitch would keep low. It was a bit hard to choose bowlers (because of the options) but most of the time I just work with my instincts.

Chamari Atapattu: West Indies is a champion team playing with the conditions and their home crowd. We tried our best but their openers batted really well in the Powerplay, but I'm happy with the team. We planned certain things but it did not work tonight. We have experienced players and some young girls, just need some experience at this level. As a captain, I am happy with the team's performance. When I scored 170 odd against Australia in the 50 overs World Cup, my lifestyle changed and women's cricket changed in Sri Lanka. Now, more girls in Sri Lanka are playing. SLC is doing a lot for us.

Hayley Matthews: Pretty good to get some wickets. Stef got me on at an important time. For me it was good to loosen up, in case I'm needed in the remaining games. It's important to stay confident.

Hayley Matthews is the Player of the Match.

10:59pm Sri Lanka crumble as they end their tournament. Their last six wickets fell in less than five overs. There just wasn't any evidence that they would come close to chasing down the gigantic target they were set, but they fought and briefly kept the required rate at a realistic level. But Hayley Matthews was back to torment them with the ball and then took the catch to dismiss Atapattu. The end came quickly after that. It was a powerful performance with the bat and Sri Lanka never recovered from the early shock. That's Group A wrapped up - England and West Indies qualify. They each have a game left.

Fletcher to Prabodhani, OUT, taken behind and West Indies are through to the semi-finals! This is tossed up full and wide outside off. She looks to drill it through cover but gets a thin edge that Kycia Knight takes her fourth catch of the night to finish things off

KDU Prabodhani c †Kycia A Knight b Fletcher 7 (12b 0x4 0x6) SR: 58.33

Fletcher to Prabodhani, no run, length outside off, beaten on the drive
Fletcher to Prabodhani, 2 runs, full at leg stump, inside edge past the keeper as she looks to drive
Fletcher to Prabodhani, no run, length outside off, beaten on the cut

17 | 3 Runs | SL-W: 102/9 (86 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 6.00, RRR: 28.66)

  • Dilani Manodara8 (11b)
  • Udeshika Prabodhani5 (8b)
  • Hayley Matthews3-0-16-3
  • Afy Fletcher1-0-4-0
Matthews to Surangika, no run, length outside off, down the pitch off the leading edge as she closes the face too early on the flick
Matthews to Surangika, no run, short of a length skidder outside off, beaten on the late cut
Matthews to Surangika, no run, length at leg stump, deflected to short fine off the pad as she steps out and misses on the heave
Matthews to Prabodhani, 1 run, length at middle stump, dragged aerially to deep square with the turn as she looks to slog
Matthews to Prabodhani, no run, length at off stump, swings at it and cops it on the pad as this spins and gets big on her

That's Sri Lanka's first 100+ score in the tournament

Matthews to Prabodhani, 2 runs, short of a length, wide outside off. Chopped late through the open point region

SL Women 2nd innings Partnerships

1st14AC JayanganiGWHM Perera
2nd19AC JayanganiWK Dilhari
3rd12HASD SiriwardeneAC Jayangani
4th11LE KaushalyaAC Jayangani
5th32AC JayanganiNND de Silva
6th0AC JayanganiKADA Kanchana
7th0MADD SurangikaAC Jayangani
8th7MADD SurangikaOU Ranasinghe
9th0MADD SurangikaBMSM Kumari
10th9MADD SurangikaKDU Prabodhani