ICC Women's T20 World Cup Table - 2018

Group A

1West Indies WomenWI-W4400082.241517/79.3341/80.0
2England WomenENG-W4210151.317266/43.4265/55.3
3South Africa WomenSA-W422004-0.277372/78.3372/74.1
4Sri Lanka WomenSL-W412013-1.171300/60.0361/58.3
5Bangladesh WomenBD-W404000-1.989260/76.0376/69.3

Group B

1India WomenIND-W4400081.827643/79.0505/80.0
2Australia WomenAUS-W4310061.515531/69.1493/80.0
3New Zealand WomenNZ-W4220041.031505/67.3516/80.0
4Pakistan WomenPAK-W413002-0.987475/80.0547/79.0
5Ireland WomenIRE-W404000-3.525366/80.0459/56.4

Standings are updated with the completion of each game.

  • M: The number of matches played.
  • W: The number of matches won.
  • L: The number of matches lost.
  • T: The number of matches tied.
  • N/R: The number of matches abandoned.
  • PT: Number of points awarded.
  • NRR: Net Run Rate