posted: Dec. 6, 2005  |  Feedback

Well, the second book tour starts today: Washington today, Philly on Wednesday, Manhattan on Thursday, Boston on Sunday, Providence on Monday, Peabody on Tuesday, Boston on Wednesday and L.A. on Friday. For all the details, click here.

Just a heads up: I'm taking a pseudo-break over these next two weeks because I'm working on a couple of other projects AND this trip is doubling as my holiday vacation -- still writing the NFL column on Fridays and that's it. (Note: If anything major happens -- a Manny trade, an NBA trade, Pat Morita dying again -- we can always dust off an Emergency Cowbell.) Wish I had better news for you. I look forward to two straight weeks of "Get off your ass and write more columns you butthead" e-mails -- nothing like a little holiday cheer. And yes, I'm already kicking myself for accidentally scheduling this trip during a week where there was FOUR Clippers games, including last night's beating of Miami that included yet another MVP performance from Elton Brand, an 0-for-10 shooting display from old buddy Antoine Walker and a fan making the halfcourt shot for a new car by throwing the ball over his head.

One more thing: NO sports book recommendation this week because I wanted to do a compare-and-contrast between two basketball books, only I wasn't able to finish the second book in time because the Sports Baby decided to remain awake for five straight hours on the plane from L.A. to Washington, to everyone's chagrin (and I mean, EVERYONE'S chagrin). I have been conspicuously silent about the whole Dad Thing in this space, and only because I'm not sure anyone cares except for other people who have kids ... but at the same time, I'm kicking myself for not keeping a running journal of this entire experience. Absolute comedy galore. It's like trying to deal with a completely bombed roommate in college, only if they were a 27-inch midget. Um, little person.

Anyway, more than a few readers asked for us to stick all the sports book recommendations from the past few months on one page -- which made way too much sense, so we resisted the idea as long as we could. Finally, we got around to doing it and will keep adding reviews to that page as we go along.

Here's the page.

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