209.25, 75 and 4: India's Day 3 at Asian Games defined by numbers

WANG ZHAO/AFP via Getty Images

The headline number of day three is 14 - that's what India's medal tally at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games stands at right now. But ESPN India picks out 7 unique numbers that truly helped define the day that India had on Tuesday, September 26.


Sudipti Hajela on Chinski, Divyakriti Singh on Adrenalin Firfod, Hriday Chheda on Chemxpro Emerald and Anush Agarwalla on Etro combined to score 209.25 in team dressage.

It's their first-ever gold in this event at the Asian Games and India's first-ever equestrian gold in 41 years (the last time India won; they won gold-silver-bronze in the individual eventing at the 1982 New Delhi Games).

6-0, 6-0 + 3-0 + 0-3

Spread the love! India vs Pakistan in three different disciplines is the stuff sporting dreams are made of, but none of them were much of a contest.

In mixed doubles tennis, Ankita Raina and Yuki Bhambri beat Sarah Khan and Aqeel Khan 6-0, 6-0. In squash, Anahat Singh, Joshna Chinappa, and Tanvi Khanna beat Sadia Gul, Noor Sadiq and Noor Ijaz and then the Pakistan men's volleyball team beat the Indian side 3-0.


One year. That's how long the Asian Games were postponed, and that one year is the reason Neha Thakur stands high on the Games podium, wearing Asiad silver around her neck. If it had happened in 2022, it wouldn't have been Neha competing in the girl's dinghy, it would have been Ritika Dangi - who turned 18 this year. With this event exclusively meant for U-17 athletes, that meant out went Ritika from the squad and in came Neha.

1 in 15, 15 in 45

When the India men's hockey team scored just one goal in 15 minutes, it felt like Singapore were doing something right in defence. And then in the next 45 minutes, they got absolutely hammered. India ended up with 16, just as they had the day before yesterday. It's now 32 goals in two matches and they have had 12 different scorers and there have been 5 hattricks.


A boxing bout usually lasts nine minutes (three rounds, three minutes each). But this one lasted a minute and five seconds. Narender Berwal came, Narender Berwal punched and Kyrgyzstan's Oomatbek Elchoro Uulu was knocked right out. 65 seconds and into the quarterfinals goes the super heavyweight boxer.

4: 15-15, 16-16, 17-17, 18-18

In the 10m mixed team shooting bronze medal match, India's Ramita Jindal and Divyansh Panwar took a massive 8-0 lead before South Korea's Eunseo Lee and Hajun Park clutch-shot their way back to 9-9. But the drama was just starting. India went 13-9 up, then 15-11 before Lee and Park upped their game once again to make it 15-15.

Then it became a straight shootout, whoever won the next set would take bronze: and that brought with it an extraordinary series of shots where both teams hit the exact same scores: 21.0 to make it 16-16, 21.0 again to make it 17-17 and 20.9 to make it 18-18! Four series, four tied scores...incredible!

In the end, Lee and Park would clinch it 20-18 with a score of 21.5 vs 21.2.

15, 8, 71, 439

Here's how long each of Tulika Maan's four bouts on the day lasted: 15 seconds for an ippon win, 8 seconds for an ippon loss, 71 seconds for a point win and a mammoth 439-second bout for a loss by disqualification. From one extreme to the other, this was a rollercoaster of a day for Maan.


That's the number of days that it took former cricketer Gautam Gambhir to congratulate Jyothi Yarraji on winning gold in the 100m hurdles at the Asian Athletics Championships that happened last June. One can only assume that is what he meant with this tweet because her event at the Asian Games is still several days away -