LeBron James answers questions on Twitter ... including one about 'Space Jam 2'

LeBron James recently returned from a vacation with his family. So being a man of the people, he decided to conduct a Twitter Q&A with his fans:

King James fielded a wide array of questions -- he answered 40 -- and gave the Twittersphere almost all the truths they had been yearning for.

'Space Jam 2' is happening?

If you haven't been hiding under a rock, you know that LBJ just signed a deal with Warner Bros, who recently renewed trademarks for "Space Jam." Coincidence? We think not.

He is scared of Ronda Rousey

LeBron is a smart man.

Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and CP3 = SQUAD

As if the banana boat and other recent Bahamas trip pictures weren't proof enough, LBJ reiterated that Wade, Melo and CP3 are his woes.

Beef with Kevin Love? What beef?

When asked his favorite teammates (excluding Dwyane Wade -- as to ensure he couldn't take the easy way out), LeBron slyly included his Cavs teammate whom he subtweeted only a few months ago.

He is not going to play in the NFL

For anyone who thought LeBron was going to go all Michael Jordan circa 1993 and adopt another sport, think again.

He likes to play in big-market cities

Start the rumor mill! LeBron listed other cities where he likes to play in addition to Cleveland. Beware Cavs fans, The Decision Part 3 is inevitable.

He thinks Kobe Bryant is good at basketball

Real recognizes real.

He likes Drake music ... and Jay Z!

Prediction: Meek Mill probably won't be invited to any Cavs games this year.

He doesn't tolerate trolls

You just got owned by LeBron James, bro.

Haters aren't a thing to the King

LeBron proclaimed he is bigger than his haters. In the words of Fetty Wap: "Everybody hating, we just call them fans, though."