McLaren runs 'Stealth Mode' livery for Singapore and Japan

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Nate Saunders thinks Toto Wolff's comments on Max Verstappen's record-breaking ten consecutive wins comes across as "sour grapes". (1:34)

McLaren has joined Williams in running a revised colour scheme for upcoming F1 races in Singapore and Japan.

The British team has unveiled a predominantly black car with streaks of its standard papaya orange, a look it has dubbed Stealth Mode.

It is McLaren's third special livery of the season, having also rolled out a 'Triple Crown' livery for Monaco and Spain and a scheme with flashes of chrome for the British Grand Prix in July, as it continues to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Bruce McLaren founding the team.

F1's rules allow for occasional tweaks, stating the car must carry "substantially the same livery at every competition, any significant change to this livery during a championship may only be made with the agreement of the FIA and the Commercial Rights Holder".

Williams has already confirmed it will be running the iconic racing livery of its title partner, Gulf, in Singapore and the following races in Japan and Qatar.

A fan competition, in which 180,000 fans took part, according to the team, settled on the final design for Williams. The winning entry looks similar to the livery McLaren ran at the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix when it was partnered with Gulf.