FLB: All-American Juggernaut

I've got my pick for this year's All-Star Game: The American League, in a landslide.

This year's interleague results are astonishing: Through Wednesday's games, the junior circuit holds a 127-75 advantage over the senior circuit (the National League), after having won the 2005 season series, 136-116. And it's not just interleague play in which the AL has dominated. AL teams have swept each of the past two World Series and won 29 of the last 41 World Series games, and also haven't lost an All-Star Game since 1996.

In a sense, it's like when, after 15 years of regular, sound poundings from big brother, little brother grows up and finally proves a sound (and often better) competitor in all things, like wiffle ball, stickball and, perhaps most importantly, RBI Baseball. (I speak from experience; I think I smashed my Nintendo when I finally lost to my kid bro in that cherished game.)