Top 12 prospects: Straily at No. 1

Note: The top 12 fantasy prospects (players currently in the minor leagues) for 2012 are below. These rankings are a bit different from other prospect rankings; these are strictly for 2012 fantasy purposes. So not only do talent and recent performance play a role in the rankings, potential paths to the big leagues also factor in. All young players in the minors are eligible, including those in "prospect purgatory," those who have exceeded rookie status but are still young, and unproven commodities.

If you are not only reading the Top 12 for '12, but using it as well, you likely have had a good week. Mets right-hander Matt Harvey struck out 11 batters in his major league debut. The Blue Jays finally gave Travis Snider the call, and he's actually hitting big league pitching, or at least he has this week. And the Pirates called on top prospect Starling Marte, who went deep on the first big league pitch he saw. That's three players gone from last week's 12 for '12, but there are always plenty of new guys ready to fill the void.