Fantasy baseball: Six essential trades to make before the All-Star break

Over his career, Corey Seager of the Texas Rangers has a higher OPS in the second half (.879) than the first (.826). Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Just as quickly as that, we're nearly halfway through the 2022 MLB regular season. Barring any postponements between now and then, exactly one-half of all scheduled games will be in the books come next Tuesday.

To some, this is a familiar tune. To others, even the most seasoned fantasy managers, it might come as unexpected. After all, the baseball world touts its "midpoint" as its All-Star Game, which is two whole weeks later. It's an annual trick of the schedule, and it's one you shouldn't let catch you by surprise. Understand that, as of next Tuesday, you have exactly as much time remaining in the season to make up any deficit your team has built up until that point.

This timing might seem inconsequential, but it's not. Certainly many fantasy managers might be in more of a trading frame of mind during the All-Star break, when they enjoy three days' "rest," but the best ones are always thinking about roster improvements, and staying ahead of the game while the competition for trades isn't as great. There's no better time than today to get a head start on trades to help your stretch run.

To help you on your way, listed below are three players I'd trade for right now, as well as three I'd trade away anywhere I could.

Trade for these guys right now