Fantasy basketball: Monte Morris among low-rostered players worth adding

Monte Morris has stepped up for the shorthanded Nuggets. Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

The theme this week is "on the radar." All of the players in this week's article have been mentioned as players of interest at some point, from pre-season through now. Some have been mentioned in previous iterations of this article. But all are fringe players, guys that I would describe as being on the fantasy radar as opposed to being on most fantasy rosters.

These types of players can produce starting caliber numbers when given the opportunity to do so, but also can fade to the background for stretches when their teams are healthy. But, it's a very long season, and these types of players typically get several opportunities to shine during the 82-game marathon. And right now, the spotlight is on them as guys that can help your fantasy teams to win some games in the short (or potentially even the long) term.

Let's explore.