Fantasy football: NFL opportunity-adjusted touchdown (OTD) rankings for 2021


What is OTD?

OTD stands for opportunity-adjusted touchdowns. It is a statistic that weighs every carry/target and converts the data into one number that indicates a player's scoring opportunity. For example, if a player has an OTD of 3.0, it means that a statistically league-average player who saw the same number of carries/targets in the same area of the field would have scored three touchdowns.

OTD key

Looks = Carries + targets
TD = Actual TD total
OTD = Opportunity-adjusted TD total
Diff = Difference between the player's total OTD and actual TD total
In5 = Carries by the player inside the opponent's 5-yard line
EZ = End zone targets

Here are your are 2021 leaders: