Overvalued fantasy QBs

Expectations are sky-high for Peyton Manning, but he's on the verge of a significant drop-off. AP Photo/Matt Slocum

When there are 14 quarterbacks projected to score 250 or more points, it would seem difficult to place too high of a value on certain passers, but this hasn't prevented multiple quarterbacks from being drafted too early.

This first in a four-part series aims to help fantasy owners with this quandary by identifying players who are overvalued, starting with the four quarterbacks who fall into this category. These players are being taken earlier in drafts (as determined by ESPN.com's average draft position -- ADP) than they should be, based on my analysis. They range from former top scoring threats to an up-and-coming young player on whom fantasy owners are placing unrealistic expectations.

Here are my four most overvalued fantasy quarterbacks: