Fantasy Football 101: Trading

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

How many times have you questioned the trades made by your favorite NFL team because you thought you could do a better job than its general manager? Well, this is your chance to prove yourself. Trading in fantasy not only is a great way to improve your roster, but it's also a lot of fun and provides a chance to get to your know your fellow managers better during the process of swapping trade proposals.

Making trades on ESPN is simple. You can seek out players you may want to trade for via the Players tab by clicking on Filter: On Rosters. You can compare players by toggling the "Compare Players" switch to the upper right. And once you find a player (or multiple players on one manager's team) you'd like to acquire, click the blue double-arrow button under Action. (On the app, click the player name, then the blue "Trade" button).

Here, you'll find the other manager's roster. Check the box next to any player you'd like to acquire via trade, then click Proceed to Next step at the bottom of the page. (On the app, click the blue "Trade" buttons next to players you want to acquire, then press Next at the top right.) Now you'll see your roster. Do the same for any player(s) you want to offer the other manager. (On the app, click the blue "Trade" buttons, then Submit.) You can also drop players (if you are going to receive more players than you will trade away).

Before clicking the Finalize Trade Offer button, select how many days you want the other manager to have to respond (accept, reject or make a counter offer) to your trade offer. You can also send a message with the offer, which gives you a chance to explain the thinking behind it, what exactly you are looking to acquire or which other players you're willing to part with.

If someone offers you a trade, be sure to respond in a timely manner, even if it's just telling the other manager you'll give it a look that night or the next day. To formally accept, reject or counter with a new offer of your own, go to your Team page and click "Your Pending Moves."

Note that most leagues have a trade deadline, a date beyond which you cannot make trades. Check your league settings to find your trade deadline date.