My secret fantasy football stars

Andrew Luck might not be the No. 1 fantasy quarterback, but he could have a big season. Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

As in the real NFL draft, maximizing value is critical to success in fantasy football. Every year, there are players who inexplicably are drafted far lower than their expected production warrants. But there also certain players I think are due for a big season whom you should draft higher than their average draft position (ADP) just to get them on your team. Combining those two concepts made narrowing this list to 10 players a very difficult exercise, but the result is my list of fantasy players you need on your team this season.

Jimmy Graham, TE, New Orleans Saints
ADP: 28.4

If you can draft Graham with an early third-round pick in a 12-team league, you should do it every time. I am very high on Graham's ability and think he is light-years ahead of every other tight end available (other than a healthy Rob Gronkowski, of course). I would strongly consider drafting him at the turn between Round 1 and Round 2. Having him in your starting lineup is like being allowed to start another high-end wide receiver; it's a tremendous advantage.

Andrew Luck, QB, Indianapolis Colts
ADP: 68.7