Giant's Team Changes for 2010

Taj on the road again... Giant

There have been a lot of rumors since the announcement of Taj leaving Giant, that they're also dropping the rest of the team as well as the entire BMX program for 2010. That's not the case, Giant's not dropping the BMX program but they are making some big team changes, here's the official word from Giant's, Chris Arriaga.

"It's a bit early for me to say everything that is going on but all of our riders have contracts through the end of the year. I can assure you that Giant will continue to have a BMX program, bikes, product, and a team for the next year. We have no intentions of leaving BMX. It's no secret that the entire bicycle industry is getting hit hard by the tough economy. Everyone is being forced to make budget cutbacks, difficult decisions, and in some cases restructure their teams. As Taj has already confirmed, he will be off Giant for 2010. Heath [Pinter] and Corey [Bohan's] contracts will end at the end of the year as well. They have all been with us a long time and we sincerely wish everyone nothing but the best. They will all be missed." -Chris Arriaga