Life is good for Andy Roddick

American tennis star Andy Roddick was very busy before the start of the last Grand Slam event of the year. For instance, he served up cocktails at the BNP Paribas Taste of Tennis event in New York City on Aug. 27, just hours after filming "The Late Show with David Letterman" and throwing out the first pitch at a Rangers-Yankees game.

Although Roddick would love another chance to face Roger Federer after their epic Wimbledon final this summer, any potential chip on his shoulder has been replaced by something else around his arm -- Roddick's stunning swimsuit-model wife, Brooklyn Decker, who's been the tennis stud's biggest supporter. For Roddick, it's almost easy to say, Federer who?

Page 2: What was it like throwing out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium?

Andy Roddick: It was really, really cool. The stadium's great. I didn't know the team actually goes out and takes their positions before you throw the first pitch out, so that was a little nerve-racking. I had [Derek] Jeter behind me playing short and A-Rod on the side.

Was that the first time you met A-Rod? Or the other A-Rod, I should say.

I had met him before. He's the A-Rod. I had met Derek [Jeter] before, but I didn't want to bother them. They had a game to play. They said I could have gone in the dugout, but the last thing I wanted to do was try to glad-hand people while they're trying to get ready for a game.

Have you ever joked with A-Rod about having the same nickname?

[Laughs] No, I don't think so. It's pretty straightforward. He's the A-Rod, and I'm kind of the other one.

Having the fastest recorded serve in tennis [155 mph], did you ever consider being a baseball pitcher?

I loved playing baseball when I was young. I was actually probably better at it than I was at tennis, but then we actually moved and I didn't want to start with a new team, you know. So I just ended up gravitating toward tennis.

What's your favorite sports team?

The Nebraska Cornhuskers, for sure. I was actually born in Nebraska. I get up to one [Nebraska football game] every couple of years. I haven't been to one since 2007. Maybe not this year, but hopefully next year.

What's the first thing Roger Federer said to you after the Wimbledon final?

It's such a rush of emotions. He's always pretty gracious about it. He had a lot of his own emotions going on at that moment. … I'm not really sure. I'm sure it was something along the lines of "Good match."

Are you hoping to face him again at the U.S. Open and resume the rivalry?

You know, you hope so. I'd certainly love the opportunity.

What's one of the most memorable pranks in the tennis locker room?

I wasn't a part of it, but the funniest thing I've ever seen [involved] a Croatian player named Ivan Ljubicic. He was playing really well at the beginning of 2005 or 2006, and there's a French guy named Michael Llodra who was convinced that [Ljubicic] needed to kind of rub off on him. Llodra's about 6-foot-4, and he tucked himself into Ljubicic's locker and he got butt-naked. … When Ljubicic opened up his locker, [Llodra] kind of jumped out. He was convinced it was going to bring him good luck. That was kind of funny.

Who does most of the cooking at home between you and Brooklyn?

We probably do a pretty equal amount. Actually, most of the time we stay home and cook.

How are your cooking skills?

Average at best. I can throw some stuff in a thing, and throw [in] some olive oil and kind of do it that way. But anything that requires any expertise is lost on me.

What would we be surprised to find in your kitchen?

Whole Foods is actually based in Austin [Texas, where Roddick lives], so pretty much everything we have is from there. Brooklyn actually has all the candy. She likes the sweets and the junk food.

What are your diet indulgences?

Most things are off-limits. Most of the time you try to stick to veggies and healthy carbs. But the week after a tournament, my one soft spot is just stuff like chips and salsa, and chips and guacamole. I can't get enough Mexican food if I've been gone for a while.

Is there an exercise you dread doing?

I don't think the fact that I actually get to exercise for a living is ever lost on me. I think it's better than most things.