Everything hurts

I woke up screaming in bed one night after I turned over on my injured elbow, and it came out of the socket. Losing in the final minutes to the 49ers (Week 2) made it feel worse. I was in such bad shape before a game at Chicago (Week 4) that I needed Coach Ditka's help to put on my shoulder pads. Losing in the final seconds to the Bears made it feel worse. I felt so sore after a 40-carry game that I didn't answer my phone the next day because it hurt too much to get up, and I couldn't move my head anyway. Losing on the final play to the Browns made it feel worse.

I'm not looking for any pity points here. I'm not whining or making excuses. I'm a little uncomfortable drawing undeserved attention to myself, especially when we've started 2-9, but I did agree last summer to keep a diary of my first NFL season for The Magazine. I just didn't foresee my pro career starting this way back then.