Duke, Wake: Great D, different ways

Wednesday night's game between No. 1 Duke and No. 4 Wake Forest (ESPN, 7 ET) in Winston-Salem features two of the best defensive teams in the country. Both teams fall in Ken Pomeroy's top five for adjusted defense, however the two teams frustrate offenses in very different ways.

The Blue Devils look to generate turnovers. Through Saturday's utter annihilation of the Maryland Terrapins, Duke ranked 25th in turnover percentage, snuffing out their opponents' possessions at a 24.5-percent clip.

Wake gets after the basketball as well, but by contrast the Deacons like to push the tempo, using turnovers to foster a fast paced game and create more possessions. However, because of those extra possessions, Wake's 9.0 steals per game (the 23rd most in D-1), place them just 117th in turnover percentage.