Updated top 25 players for 2015-2016

A pair of highly touted freshmen -- LSU's Ben Simmons (left) and Cal's Jaylen Brown (right) -- top the list. Icon Sportswire, Icon Sportswire, AP Photo

With the July evaluation period in our collective rearview mirrors and the summer's major competitions and showcases completed, I thought I'd take one last preseason look at my rankings of the nation's top 25 players.

As always with these rankings, I'm evaluating college production (or, in the case of incoming freshmen, potential), and not where these players will be drafted or how well they'll perform in the NBA. True, sometimes these two qualities overlap rather neatly (see my No. 1), but then again sometimes they diverge completely (No. 3).

Enough preliminaries. Here are my selections for the top 25 players in college basketball: