Bilas Index: Helping the committee pick 68 in a year with a soft bubble

Welcome to Volume VI of The Bilas Index for the 2016 season, a collection of basketball acumen that is so pompous and stuck-up as to use Roman numerals. This pretentious panoply of perceptiveness should be read only by the true basketball literati, sipped like a fine wine, allowed to breathe, while the reader sits by the fire in a smoking jacket, ascot and slippers. After all, The Bilastrator himself dictated Volume VI to his capable staff while sitting on high and wearing his monocle, stroking a hairless cat.

The Bilas Index is not a toy, but the most useful tool relating to basketball ever contemplated by mankind, while the polls continue to reflect the moment, and react to every speed bump and detour experienced by each team. The polls are a "snapshot" or a "snapchat." The Bilas Index gives all a comprehensive view of each team's destination rather than reacting to each team's head fakes.

Soon, the selection committee will be fumbling around, trying to figure out which teams can play and which teams cannot. Of course, the committee will never figure it out without referring to The Bilas Index. This is the softest bubble since the NCAA field expanded to 64 teams in 1985, and the calls at the end of the line for at-large bids will not be particularly compelling. But you should enjoy Volume VI of The Bilas Index, the best and most comprehensive collection of basketball insight ever produced for human consumption. As always, you're welcome.