Preview: Binghamton Bearcats

Binghamton Bearcats

2012-13: 3-27 (1-15)
In-conference offense: 0.81 points per possession (9th)
In-conference defense: 1.05 points allowed per possession (9th)

When he assumed the Bearcats' head coaching job on Memorial Day last year, Tommy Dempsey came in from Rider to build a foundation. His major addition was landing a commitment from Jordan Reed, who led the team with 16.6 points per game in his first season. "He [Reed] needs help, and I think help is on the way," Dempsey said. It will arrive in the form of Robert Mansell, returning after redshirting the 2013 season with a left knee injury. He led the Bearcats in 2012 with 14 PPG and will be able to complement Reed as a scoring guard.