Points off turnovers doesn't correlate to victories

Now that we're down to 16 teams, you may be wondering which stats are going to be key to predicting the success of the remaining teams. It's more than a little tricky to unlock this mystery with any certainty, so I'm going to take the easy way out and give you one popular stat that will be nearly irrelevant to each team's future.

If you've read my work in recent weeks, you know which stats I think are misleading (anything that can be biased by the pace of the game). While I may sound like a one-trick pony with respect to this message, there are other commonly used stats that are misleading despite also being uninfluenced by the pace of the game.

Seemingly since the beginning of televised hoops, a staple of the halftime stats recap is "points off turnovers." I don't know where it came from (maybe it leaked over from football) but I know it's close to meaningless to a team's success.