Kansas State is not No. 3 in America

People love Frank Martin's intensity, but K-State at No. 3? Whoa. Getty Images

The AP preseason men's college basketball poll was released today, so wipe that silly World Series out of your mind this instant. College hoops begins now. It's time to debate who's already being overrated and which teams are being overlooked.

Welcome to the first edition of "Poll Position," a series that debates the merits of the most recent polls. Each week I'll shine a bright light on the errors committed by otherwise well-meaning writers (AP poll) and understandably preoccupied coaches (ESPN/USA Today) who rate these teams. And in my mind, they've already goofed.

I'll be blunt: Who did Kansas State charm this summer? No. 3 in the country? I can see No. 3 in the Big 12 -- maybe -- and Jacob Pullen can play for my team any day of the week. But shouldn't the third-best college team in the United States do more than simply hack and be hacked?

I'm open to persuasion, and certainly K-State will have a fantastic opportunity to change my mind right away. By Thanksgiving the Wildcats will have played Virginia Tech, Gonzaga and either Duke or Marquette. But right now I'm seeing an offense that couldn't hold onto the rock or make 3s against Big 12 defenses last season. It just doesn't say "No. 3 in the nation" to me.