Why Kansas deserves a No. 1 seed

Bill Self's Kansas team, despite four losses on the season, is among the nation's elite. Jamie Squire/Getty Images

As you might imagine, I consult or replicate every metric available to the NCAA men's basketball committee. And over the years, I've created a few of my own to assist in the daily ranking and reranking of teams as required by the many outlets seeking this information.

Something I added last season has been especially helpful in measuring the aggregate achievement of teams over the ever-increasing number of games they play. I call it Winning Points, and it goes something like this:

• Every game result is assigned a point value from 5.0 to minus-5.0.
• Point values are determined by the quality of opponent and location of the game.
• Opponent strength is derived from the extended S curve and other weighted rankings at the time the game is played.
• Yours truly reserves the right to adjust the point value of any game in the event of unusual circumstances (e.g., acknowledged officiating or time management errors, overtimes, travel or weather contingencies, fluke plays, etc.).