NBA age change winners

Each week during the college basketball season, ESPN Insiders Jay Bilas and Jeff Goodman will weigh in on the biggest questions of the sport. In a special edition this week, the duo break down the implications of a potential increase to the NBA's entry age.

The discussion: Whom do you see as the winners if such a change is enacted? Any losers?

Jay Bilas: If the NBA and National Basketball Players Association are able to agree upon a draft eligibility rule of 20 years old and two years removed from high school, it would be a positive for all levels of basketball, especially the NBA.

Right now, the NBA wastes money on the development of young talent that is simply not prepared to make an immediate impact. With another year added to the current age limit, the NBA will be able to make better decisions in scouting and drafting, and eliminate some significant risk. In addition, the players will be more mature and more prepared, on and off the court.