2023 McDonalds All American boys game: 5 key matchups

D.J. Wagner is one of the best high school point guards in the country. Daniel Fritz photo

The McDonald's All American Game is the most prestigious postseason all-star event for high school seniors. When this much star power gets together, the in-game matchups are most anticipated.

There will be moments of one-on-one isolation that will bring the crowd to its feet and show college basketball coaches and NBA scouts who can either create their own shot or be a stopper.

The girls game tips off at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday (ESPN2/ESPN App) while the boys take the court at 9 p.m. (ESPN/ESPN App)

Here are the five matchups I am most excited to watch:

D.J. Wagner, East vs. Isaiah Collier, West

Two top-5 prospects with high-level games and they both will impact the college game as soon as they step on campus. Both are considered the best point guards in the game, yet they produce in different forms. Wagner is a dynamic downhill attacking guard -- eyeing the basket in transition and in the half court. Collier is looking to make the hit-ahead pass and get his team to fast break. Wagner can be a playmaker and Collier can scorer. Guaranteed they will have some intriguing one-on-one isolations in the game. Can Wagner shoot over the size (6-4) and strength of Collier? Will he slow down Collier early in transition? Collier must fight over and get through ball screens and stay in front of Wagner, who loves to attack the paint with his drive game. A must-see matchup.

Aden Holloway, East vs. Bronny James, West

Holloway is one of the best shot-makers in the class. He shot 40% this season and can shoot it from deep with a quick trigger. He makes shots in diverse ways: catch-and-shoot actions, cutting off screens and stopping behind ball screens. He is an impactful jump shooter you must stay connected with. James has made considerable progress, becoming an all-around player with an upside as a defender. He utilizes instincts and emerging athletic ability to play one-on-one defense, take a charge or make an impressive chase down clock. His IQ and shot-making have been steady all season. Covering Holloway is a challenge for anyone. James has to able limit his 3s and contest his shots as he anticipates his dribble drive. Will Holloway keep James from getting a driving line angle and making a highlight?

Xavier Booker, East vs. Omaha Biliew, West

If you are looking at two big men with future potential, this is your matchup: two intriguing top-10 big men who are built in different ways. Booker's mobility is impressive as he can change direction well. His talent is to run the floor with long strides and touch. He can face up or hit you with a jump hook inside. With a 7-foot-5 wingspan, his shot-blocking presence and finish ability is great when he is assertive and aggressive. Biliew is strong and powerful and competes with consistent intensity on the glass. What most do not realize is he is a capable 3-point shooter with a power game inside. Booker will have to show he can score against the physical Biliew. Biliew should pound the boards for second-chance points and set ball screens to hard dive or pop out for his jumper.

Ron Holland, West vs. Matas Buzelis, East

Two top-10 prospects with a bright future. Holland plays with great spirit and energy and has made his name of the defensive end and in the win column. A very focused defender whose offense has made big strides this season from the outside. He scores best when he sees opportunity in transition, a driving line or on the offensive board. Buzelis is a triple-threat player and at his size (6-9), he is a smart cutter and passer. His body continues to get stronger, which is vital. A big key for Buzelis will be whether he can he score against one of the best defenders in the class.

KJ Evans, East vs. Mookie Cook, West

Two Oregon Ducks match up at the forward position. KJ Evans has demonstrated offensive versatility all year as a shooter, facilitator and offensive rebounder. At 6-9, he plays comfortably at the high post and will operate from the elbows and low post. A valuable interchangeable piece as he handles in ball-screen actions or will set the screen and separate. Cook, on the other hand, is a heightened defender with transition ability. Cook (6-7) gives up a couple of inches to Evans but could be a stopper in this game with his effort and strong defense. Evans must match the intensity of Cook. They know each other well from playing in the powerful NIBC basketball conference. Keep an eye on this exciting matchup.