Bilas Index: UK tops 2013-14 edition

Kentucky's No. 1 ranked recruiting class includes Andrew Harrison, Julius Randle and Dakari Johnson. Cal Sport Media via AP Images, Icon SMI, AP Photo

The ridiculous reliability of The Bilas Index almost rendered the 2012-13 college basketball season irrelevant. The Bilas Index, which combines all of the best features of the most reliable metrics in the game with the raw and awesome power of The Bilastrator's incomparable basketball mind, has pinpoint accuracy. Simply put, it's never wrong, and the entire landscape of the game is put into context and simplified by The Bilastrator. Case in point, prior to the 2013 NCAA tournament, The Bilas Index tapped Louisville as the best team in college basketball. Notwithstanding the ups and downs of the Cardinals, you're welcome.

Still, it was good that the 2013 NCAA tournament was played anyway so the NCAA could earn some badly-needed cash. Paying for all those mascots and "spirit squads" for graduated athletes on job interviews would have been a challenge without it. Of this, The Bilastrator is certain.

While The Bilas Index usually makes use of analytics such as KenPom.com, the Sagarin Ratings, the UPS Team Performance Index, ESPN's Basketball Power Index, and many of the most subtle metrics in the game kept meticulously by The Bilastrator's minions, this prescient, perceptive and hyper-clairvoyant "look ahead" to the 2013-14 season is based primarily upon The Bilastrator's massive brain and unparalleled basketball expertise and knowledge.

Even without the metrics as a baseline of on-court accomplishment, The Bilastrator's basketball mind and experience can serve to predict the upcoming basketball season, much like Nostradamus predicted the future in his quatrains (except The Bilastrator's predictions are far more accurate). As always, you're welcome.

1. Kentucky Wildcats
The Wildcats will take their NIT disappointment out on the rest of the field with the nation's top recruiting class and some very confident returnees. John Calipari's incoming class is ridiculous, with Julius Randle, James Young, Dakari Johnson and Andrew and Aaron Harrison. This Kentucky team will be the first in basketball history where players declared for the NBA draft because they feared they couldn't play on their college team if they came back.