Top five offenses for 2013-14

Kentucky freshman guard James Young has drawn high praise this offseason in Lexington. AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley

Last season we had a clear best team in the form of the Louisville Cardinals, but I'm not sure we really witnessed one offense that was a cut above the rest. Teams such as Michigan, Indiana, Gonzaga and Duke all had moments when they looked like juggernauts in terms of scoring, but none of those teams were able to sustain their success on offense with the consistency that Kentucky had in 2011-12.

Will we see a clear No. 1 on offense in 2013-14? If we do, my hunch is it will come from one of the following five teams -- my projected top five offenses for the upcoming season.

1. Kentucky Wildcats

This one's a stretch, I'll grant you. Last season Kentucky showed everyone what can happen when you expect too much of highly touted freshmen and a few talented sophomores, right? Right.

Then again in 2011-12 Kentucky won a national title ... with highly touted freshmen and a few talented sophomores. This certainly is an analytic quandary, but a middle ground between the past two seasons is surely a safe bet here.